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In the digital world, it is the fancy of every second business to appear on top of searches for their targeted keywords.


However, with thousands of businesses competing for the same set of keywords and ever changing Google search algorithms makes it very difficult to achieve this feat. 


Apart from being persistent in your SEO approach, you also need to implement the right set of strategies to out run your competition.


Here are 7 essential things to keep in mind while trying to keep in your SEO efforts:


  1. SEO is ever changing- 


Every now and then there are new updates from search engines related to organic search results, change in algorithm etc. You need to be abreast with such updates to ensure your SEO strategy is aligned with the most recent happening in the digital space. Also, if you are aware of the new updates, you can easily tweak your SEO efforts to maximise your efforts.


  1. Do not take shortcuts-


In SEO, there are no shortcuts. You might often have come across digital marketing companies claiming they can rank your business on top in a span of a couple of days or weeks. This is all a farce. You might be able to achieve top rankings but these are sustainable and as soon as Google discovers that you deployed unethical practices, your website rankings will tank and possibly your website might get penalised as well. This is again a very difficult situation for any business and the recovery is very slow or simply never happens.


  1. SEO Marketing should be a mix of all-


Most of the marketers agree to this fact that SEO gives the best results when it is propelled by other marketing techniques. When SEO is combined with social media, email marketing, reputation management etc it has a more far reaching impact. The reason is simple, all these activities help in better branding and push your business directly to the target customers.


  1. Content is the King


Content is always the fuel that keeps your SEO efforts running smoothly. Without good content, your SEO marketing won’t be able to achieve much. Every SEO activity is directly linked to your content. Whether it’s blog posting, article submission, PR or third party blog, content is the focal point of everything. Therefore it is essential to focus highly on quality content creation all the time.


  1. Content Dissemination is the Queen

    We often talk about the importance of content in SEO and its role in SEO but we underestimate the importance of content dissemination. If you are not disseminating your content properly on the web, it's almost as good as nothing. Ensuring that your content is widely populated on the right channels across the web is very important.

  2. Social Media and SEO go hand in hand

    We mentioned above that SEO marketing should be a mix of your other marketing efforts as well. But social media augments SEO quite seamlessly and has a far reaching impact. Anything you promote via social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn reaches your audience or target customers in seconds. It not only gives your brand the desired traction but also helps in boosting referral traffic to your website.


  3. Set Targets and Review Them Frequently


This is a common problem with most of the business- spending unending efforts in achieving without quantifying the results. You should make it a habit to review your SEO performance once every 15 days to take stock of things. When there is a constant check on the things, you discover what is working for you and what is not. You can also converge your SEO efforts accordingly.

These are some useful and easy to implement strategies that can help you achieve more out of your SEO campaign and achieve top organic rankings.


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