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Kenya- 18/04/2024-We are excited to present the launch of our new line of Kenya Safari Holiday Packages at African Memorable Safaris, which are tailored to each adventurer's taste. Our thoughtfully chosen programs provide an incredible adventure through the heart of Kenya's bush, regardless of your level of experience as a traveller. Everyone can enjoy anything, from exhilarating game drives to deeply engaging cultural activities. 


Words from the Managing Director

Our team has dedicated innumerable hours to developing immersive and unique adventures that emphasise the finest parts of Kenya's wildlife and natural beauty. We provide various safari schedules to fit every taste and budget, from low-cost camping tours to opulent resort safaris. By prioritizing sustainability and ethical tourism, we reduce our ecological footprint and aid nearby communities. We offer the ideal safari experience for you, whether you're heading out on a group or family safari.  


Insights from the Marketing Team

Our marketing staff is eager to introduce our newest safari packages to tourists worldwide. We are sure that a variety of tourists looking for an amazing safari experience in Kenya will find our packages appealing, as we prioritize authenticity, sustainability, and client pleasure. We are eager to engage with tourists and assist them in experiencing Kenya's charm through collaborations and effective marketing campaigns. We are dedicated to bringing attention to our distinctive safari options and presenting the splendour of Kenya to a global audience, and we achieve this through focused social media campaigns and partnerships with influential travelers.

From the Technical Team

Our technological team has put in a lot of effort to make sure that our customers can book with ease on our website. We try to make the booking process as easy and convenient as we can with secure payment methods, user-friendly navigation, and educational information. Our staff has also put strict safety procedures and health precautions in place to guarantee our visitors' well-being while they are on safari. We are dedicated to putting our visitors' health and safety first at every stage of their experience, from temperature checks upon arrival to improved cleaning practices in our safari vehicles.

About Us

Based in Kenya, African Memorable Safaris is a well-known safari tour company that specializes in creating customized safari itineraries that highlight the diversity and natural beauty of East Africa. We are dedicated to giving our guests outstanding Safari from Mombasa service and lifelong memories, and we have a team of knowledgeable drivers, guides, and hospitality personnel. Together, let's enjoy the delights of Kenya on an exciting journey filled with adventure. 

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