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Are you driving a car which is not yours? Do you drive a car that you have borrowed from someone else for a short period? If yes, still, you need to insure your car. In this situation, when you are going to drive a car for a few days, i.e. a month or less, buying a full car insurance policy is not a good decision at all.

The best solution is to buy temporary car insurance that provides you coverage for a certain period. Though this type of car insurance is easy to get, you may not get this through your regular insurer.

What is a Temporary Car Insurance?

We all know that driving a car legally on the road, we need car insurance. But, what to do when you need coverage for a shorter period only? Do you still go for annual coverage? Of course not, because it will come out to be the most expensive deal for you. So, in this case, you need cheap temporary car insurance which is available in the number of forms.

It is the best solution for those drivers who do not need full-term insurance or if the existing policy of the car does not provide coverage to you.

Who can get benefits from the Temporary Car Insurance Quote?

If you are looking to buy temporary car insurance, you must also know what people are covered under this kind of insurance policy, such as drivers who are learning to drive, new drivers, or even those drivers who have borrowed the car from another person. If you are the one among any of these situations, you are entitled to this insurance policy.

Let’s have a look at what kind of people are ideal for temporary auto insurance.

Learner drivers

If you are the one who is learning to drive, temporary auto insurance is just for you. It is so because you need to be insured on someone else's car while you learn as you don’t have your own car right now. Instead of adding you to the current insurance policy of the car’s owner, getting a temporary insurance policy helps a lot in saving money.

New drivers

The new drivers get the same benefits as the learner drivers. Suppose, you have passed a driving test and you don’t have a car of your own, it would be good to get insured to someone else's car until you own yours. Also, the auto insurance policy for new drivers is quite expensive, so getting temporary insurance could be a good idea.

Young drivers

The drivers under 25 are charged with high premium rates as compared to experienced and older drivers. So, for young and new drivers getting insurance policy for a few days could be a cheaper option and can help you to save money for your own car. Whether you want 1-day insurance or 1-month insurance, you must be above 18.

Student drivers

How will you drive a car when you are on a summer vacation at your home and are not included in the current insurance policy of the car? So, instead of depending on others to take you on a drive, getting temporary car insurance would be the best solution for you.

Where can I get temporary car insurance?

If you are still looking for the answer to this question, you must know that many auto insurance companies provide such type of insurance policy. The best way is to start with your current insurer for this option and check how much it would cost. Then, look for other insurance providers and get the quotes to compare them for the best deal.


If you are wondering how and from where to get this insurance policy, Alias Insurance can help you in finding the best quotes from the top insurers. Within just a few minutes, you will get the best temporary car insurance that best fits your needs and budget.

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