Families going skiing and mountain biking now do not have to struggle to haul a load of bikes. A Bike Rack that makes hauling simpler and lighter is now available, where it is possible to carry loads of bikes without the unwieldiness of other trailer hitch racks. The launch comes after the introduction of the Chuck Bucket Ski Rack by the same engineer who is bringing the Bike Rack, Charles McNall. While announcing the launch, Charles McNall said the vertical, patent-pending modular bike rack goes on in separate, lightweight pieces and stores less than two feet wide.

Adding that the heaviest components weigh less than 25lbs, Charles says that now he doesn't have to dread moving his bike rack. The Chuck rack can be used by all - irrespective of size or age. They are easy to install.

The product currently being crowdfunded at Kickstart has raised more than $ 72,000 in pre-order, and upon launch, it will be available for purchase. Being described as more than just a bike rack, other attachments such as surfboard holders, road showers, and flagpoles are currently being designed.

The bike rake comes with an added advantage compared to the other racks. It holds the handlebars of a bicycle so it can work with any tire size and makes loading. The hooks are abrasion resistant meaning they will not scratch you bike and a user can even wrap them for added protection.

The bike rack makes it easy for those who want to carry more bikes, its simple-to-add extenders help increase the capacity to 5 or 6 bikes.

One user, Nick R, confirms that it fits easily in the corner of his garage, taking no space at all.

Bike Rack comes off as lightweight, easy, and family-friendly, making it an ideal tool to carry bikes when on outdoor activities.

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About Chuck Rack

Chuck Rack was founded in Salt Lake City, Utah, by Charles McNall. Their first product was the chuck bucket ski rack which is available now at Chuck Rack is dedicated to providing a modular rack platform with great accessories that everyone in the family can use.

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