Dante Munnis – Guest Contributor
Aug 31 2016
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A state in Southeastern US, Georgia shares a border with North Carolina to the east, North Carolina and Tennessee to the north, Alabama to the West, and Florida to the south. Its diverse terrain spans coastal marshlands and beaches to farmlands and low mountains. Georgia is the 24th largest state in the US, and it is 8th most populous. Georgia’s diverse geography, climate, and history make it a fascinating place to visit. In case you have never been to Georgia, this article will present you with five best places you must visit in the Peach State.


Atlanta is the largest city and the capital of Georgia and is one of the most dynamic cities in the US. Atlanta hosted the 1996 Summer Olympics, and it holds a reputation as a ‘city in a forest’ because of the large number of trees, uncommon for a major city. Data from 2010 shows that Atlanta is the 7th most visited city in the US, with more than 35 million visitors per year. Some of Atlanta’s famous landmarks include the Georgia Aquarium, Martin Luther King, Jr. National Historic Site, Atlanta Cyclorama & Civil War Museum and the National Center for Civil and Human Rights. Of course, Atlanta is inevitably associated with Coca-Cola. The World of Coca-Cola museum is one of the places you must visit while staying in Atlanta.

Perhaps even more so than its landmarks, Atlanta is distinguished by its hospitality. Atlanta is a very friendly city. You may easily find strangers offering help and assistance. Atlanta will also satisfy your appetite with a diverse cuisine. You can find many restaurants scattered across the city. Be sure to check restaurants such as South City Kitchen Midtown, offering authentic Southern cuisine. You certainly will not regret visiting Atlanta. The city is also a good starting point in getting to know Georgia.

Callaway Gardens

If you want to see some of Georgia’s natural beauties, Callaway Gardens, located in the southernmost foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, is the right place to visit. Callaway Gardens is a great place to spend your vacation while exploring scenic locations and engaging in sporting activities such as golfing. It is also a perfect location for water sports, cycling, but also for summer family adventures. Callaway Gardens have something to offer to everyone. You will have no difficulties in finding top quality accommodation. Callaway Gardens offer several accommodation types. Before you make reservations, be sure to check some of the best websites like ExploreGeorgia, VisitTheUSA and PapersBoard in the tourism sector.

  • The Lodge and Spa with more than 150 deluxe guest rooms and suites.
  • The Southern Pine Cottages, where you get to experience cozy, family-orientated environment.
  • Mountain Creek Villas and Accommodation Homes. This is the right choice if you want a luxurious experience.
  • Mountain Creek Inn. An affordable lodging option, it offers a fitness center and two restaurants.

Callaway Gardens has a network of hiking and biking trails. The Discovery Bike Trail guides guests through the gardens. Before you leave, be sure to visit Robin Lake Beach, the biggest man-made white sand beach in the world.

Cumberland Island

Cumberland Island is located on Georgia’s Atlantic Coast, some 78 miles (126 kilometers) south of Savannah.  To the north, west, and south the island is bordered by rivers, sounds, and marshes, which separate it from the mainland. The island’s famous wild beaches are located to the east, opening to the Atlantic Ocean. Cumberland Island’s long, sandy beaches and preserved natural scenery are certainly one of the best reasons to visit, but there is a lot more to see. If you are looking for an adventure and want to experience untamed nature, you must include Cumberland Island on your visit list.

The island is rich with wildlife, most notably, the Loggerhead Sea Turtles, large population of birds and wild horses. A perfect place for an active vacation, Cumberland Island is also ideal for camping. However, you must remember that campers must carry all gear and camp supplies on and off the island. In addition to camping, there are many other activities, such as fishing, hiking, hunting, and swimming. Regardless of what you choose, Cumberland Island will offer you an unforgettable experience.


Unique architecture, rich history, and stunning natural beauty make Savannah an unavoidable place to visit. Savannah’s Southern charm is what makes the city unique and attractive for visitors. The city has a humid subtropical climate, and it is known by the nickname of “the Forest City” owing to the large population of oak trees. The city’s vibrant culture, history, and arts can be experienced in its numerous museums. Most notable museums include Wayne Chambers Gallery, Tybee Island Light Station & Tybee Museum, and Sue Gouse. There are many things to see in Savannah, from historic sights to water parks and spas; here are three must-see landmarks in Savannah:

  • Cathedral of St. John the Baptist. Built in French Gothic style, it is rich in architectural detail and represents one of the most prominent buildings in Savannah and Georgia.
  • Colonial Park Cemetery. Dating from the mid-18th century, the cemetery was used for burials before the Civil War.
  • Fort Jackson. The fort was built during the War of 1812, to protect Savannah from British and French troops.

Tallulah Falls

Located in the northeastern corner of Georgia, in the Tallulah Gorge State Park, the Falls represent one of the natural wonders carved over millions of years by the Tallulah River. Tallulah Falls is a series of six smaller waterfalls making their way through the Tallulah Gorge. There are many activities to consider when visiting Tallulah Falls. You can choose among three lakes, Tallulah, Tugalo and Yonah for fishing and there are also six hiking and biking trails.

In case you want an adventure, there is always rock climbing, which is allowed in the Tallulah Gorge with a permission issued by the Park. Public beaches and playgrounds are also available, making Tallulah Falls ideal for a family vacation. No matter your interests, the beauty of Tallulah Falls will not leave you disappointed.