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If you are among those called gifted and talented (GT) students from Georgia Tech, you might be struggling with how to write your resume or CV. You want to show off your skills, but you also don’t want to sound boastful or arrogant.

So here is how you are going to pull this off, so you can make the most of your advanced qualities and be one step ahead of your competitors.

# 1 – Add your marks

If you still are a student, you probably don’t have much work experience to add to your resume. So you are free to talk about your academic results there.

Of course, you aren’t going to write down all your grades since kindergarten. You will choose only whatever is relevant to the job in question, even if it sounds odd.

Computer and language classes are usually the most common options, but you don’t have to stay there. Lab classes, sports, Maths, anything, can be useful here, depending on the job.

# 2 – List your achievements

Did you win a Maths competition? Has your essay been published? Did your project get the first place in your science fair? All these are achievements that you can add to your resume with no fear.

They will demonstrate that you have an advanced knowledge on those topics, but also that you can create a project, join a competition, defend your ideas, and grab the judges’ attention. These are all soft skills that can be related to many job positions, from sales and marketing to law and arts.

# 3 – Add facts to your soft skills

Soft skills, such as communication skills, leadership skills, writing skills, team-working skills, aren’t easily measurable. They are usually connected to emotional intelligence, or they are often seen in a way that is hard to quantify.

But if any of them is among your strengths as a gifted and talent student, check if you can’t at least add some facts to it. Maybe you have been responsible for the annual book in your school years. Or for the college newspaper. Maybe you were a leader of any youth group in your community.

Think broadly about how you can prove that you excel in those skills, so you use them in your favor in a much better way.

# 4 – Highlight your years of study

If the fact of being a gifted and talented person allowed to skip some school years, you should take the opportunity to add it to your CV.

And all that you have to do is to emphasize the year you start that particular school year and when you finished. Then you can add a note below, explaining that you managed to get that done in less time because of your previous marks or else.

Just make sure that you add all calendar dates to all your academic years if you are going to do it, not only those that you want to highlight. Otherwise, it will look awkward.

# 5 – Write a shine cover letter

Anything else that you can’t write on your resume or CV but that you consider as relevant to the job position, you can add to your cover letter.

Just make sure that you keep it short (no more than one-page length) and that you don’t just repeat yourself. That is to say that you can write about something that can be found on your CV, but it has to be something very important.

As a student, your cover letter can be a bit more personal, as your future employer is probably very interested in your personality as well. So you can talk about the fact that you are gifted and talented (without using these words), which advanced skills you have, and which impact they have had in your life so far.

Again, keep it short and relevant to the job in question. Your mathematical abilities aren’t valuable for a writing position, for instance. And if you aren’t sure that you can write it as perfect as it should be, then you can always contract an online service to help you with it, such as Resumes Centre ( .

Wrapping it up

Despite the fact that your work experience is minimal or maybe none, the fact that you are a gifted and talented student can and should be used in your favor when you are looking for a job.

It is understandable that you find it a bit tricky, because you don’t want to sound odd neither that you think too high about yourself. But pretending that you don’t have any advanced skills is like going to a battle without your best weapon.

All you have to do is to add this information nicely and where it is truly appropriated. Let your marks and accomplishments help you to illustrate how good you are and which great asset you can be to the company.

Write a killer cover letter, where you will be allowed to add anything valuable that didn’t find space in your resume. And don’t forget to let them know if you have skipped years or started studying at a much younger age than most of the people.

These hacks will ensure that you will stand out from the crowd of competitors that are looking for the same job as you. So start applying them today. You won’t regret.