Evaluating your garage door issues may be a bite of a pain for you but it might be necessary to do from time to time. If you’re garage door will not open, there is a reason for this. Carrollton Garage Pros in Carrollton, GA, is able to get to the bottom of the problem for you. We have a team of professionally trained technicians who have the skills to effectively resolve the problem for you. Through troubleshooting, they are able to find the exact cause of your problem. You can do some things prior to calling us but when it comes to handling the actual repairs to your garage door, we feel that it is always in your best interest to allow an expert technician to handle this for you. Why, you may ask. First of all, we have the right tools to effectively handle the job. If the problem is not correctly handled, you may begin experiencing the same problem again. Worse yet, the second time around the problem may be worse than the first time. Secondly, we know how to make the needed adjustments and repairs without causing harm to you or anyone else. This is not always possible when homeowners are determined to fix the problem on their own. Why would you ever want to take the chance of being harmed when you don’t have to? Despite all that a professional garage door service can do for you, you might still want to know why your garage door will not stay open. 

Reasons Why Your Garage Door Will Not Remain Open: 

  1. 1. Transmitter  

If your garage door transmitter isn’t working, you will not be able to open or even keep your garage door open. When your wall transmitter opens your door we can usually conclude that the problem is something as simple as replacing your batteries in your key transmitter. If the transponder key isn’t communicating with the wall transmitter, it will not allow your door to open. If you’ve concluded that you need to change the battery in your key transmitter, we suggest that you also change the battery in your wall unit. We feel that this is a rather simple and safe resolution to get your door working again. Fingers crossed that it works! 

  1. 2. Debris on Photo Eyes 

The photo eyes on either side of your door are there for a reason. They help to keep the door from coming down on top of you or landing on top of your car. This serves to protect you and others who use your garage. It the door easily opens but will not close as easily, this could mean that the photo eyes have debris on them or something is obstructing the beams. Either way, this is a simple solution to your problem. If the photo eyes have debris on them, wipe the lens clean with a soft cloth but don’t rub too hard. The objective is to clean the lens without damaging them. Once the photo eyes are clean, your door should begin working like new again. If there is something blocking the door beams, remove it and you might just be surprised to find that that was the only thing between you gaining access to your garage. If none of these things work, give us a call; we’re happy to help you with your service needs at Carrollton Garage Door Repair. 

  1. 3. Misaligned Tracks 

If your metal track isn’t aligned the door will not role over the tracks like it should. If there are any bends or any gaps, I will be difficult to get the door over the track. Your door is heavy and this could be the reason that your garage door is no longer properly aligned. This is of no fault of yours; it is just something that can happen over time. This is also why it is recommended that you allow someone with the proper experience to readjust your tracks. If you’re not sure as to whether or not this is the problem, you can listen when you use your garage door to determine if you there are any unusual sounds when the door gets to a particular point. If you do, this tells us that your track may be misaligned. We wouldn’t suggest that you do on using your door as long as you are experiencing this problem. While you might be able to gently get the track back in alignment, this doesn’t always work. When it doesn’t, it is time to give us a chance to make it better. 

  1. 4. You’re Out of Range  

If you are using your remote to access your garage and yet it still isn’t working, the problem might be that you are out of range of the doors transmitter. The remote can only communicate effectively with your wall transmitter if it is in range. If you are trying to open your garage door and it doesn’t seem to be working, consider that you are not in range of your door. Why not wait until you are closer to your home before attempting to open your garage door. This will only work if the transmitter is the problem. If you have determined that this is not the problem, the next thing to consider doing is to make sure your antenna is not blocked. When there is something blocking your antenna, it will not allow your door to open or close. Remove anything blocking your antenna. If the garage door opener antenna is even slightly damaged, it will need to be able to do the job it is intended to do. It may even be necessary to completely replace your garage door opener if the antenna cannot be repaired.  

So here you have it, some of the top reasons as to why your garage door may not be working properly. Refer to this article to see why you might be experiencing a problem with your garage door. You may just be able to get it working again with minimum effort.

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