Sai Nath – Guest Contributor
Sep 16 2020

Located in Western Canada, Alberta is one of the most advanced provinces of Canada in every aspect. Due to the presence of its enormous
natural resources, the Province has a robustly growing economy. There are two major cities in Alberts, namely, Calgary and Edmonton.
AINP is the provincial nomination program (PNP) of the Province to invite immigrants. With the help of this program, the Province selects
candidates who have all the eligibility criteria, skills, and experience, required by the labor market of the Province.

If a candidate gets a nomination through Alberta PNP, he/she will get an additional 600 points in the CRS score. He/she can quickly get an
Invitation to Apply (ITA) in the Express Entry draw and can get a Canada PR.

There are three main streams under AINP:

1. Alberta Opportunity Stream (AOS)
2. Alberta Express Entry stream
3. Self-Employed Farmer stream

1. Alberta Opportunity Stream (AOS)

This program is meant for those people who are currently residing in Alberta province with a valid temporary resident status and also a work permit in a specific occupation, i.e., this aids the temporary foreign workers of the Province to obtain Permanent Residence. Occupations that come under AOS: Professionals who work in most

of the occupations that come under NOC (National Occupational Classification) skill levels 0, A, B, C, and D are eligible for AOS.

2. Alberta Express Entry stream

Candidates under the Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada’s Express Entry are eligible to apply under Alberta Express Entry Stream.
If a candidate in Canada Express Entry has strong ties to the Province and who can help the development of the Province’s economy can get priority in
getting the Alberta Nomination. The Alberta province selects candidates, whose profile in the Express Entry satisfies all their requirements. The Province sends Notifications

of Interest (NOI) to those candidates. The candidate can then add the nomination to their Express Entry profile.


The Province can send an invitation to a candidate if he/she has:

? An active Express Entry profile
? Expressed interest in moving permanently to Alberta
? A minimum CRS score of 300
? Experience in an occupation that has the potential of supporting the Province financially

The chances of getting a Notification of Interest from Alberta province increases if you have the following additional factors:

? If you have a job offer from Alberta company
? If you had previously worked in the Province
? If you qualify from a Canadian educational institute
? If you have a close relative like parent or child or a sibling living in the Province

The selection entirely depends upon the Province’s authorities and the number of people required by the Province and the number of people
applying for an NOI.

3. Self-Employed Farmer Stream

The self-employed farmer stream of Alberta is meant for the migration of candidates with experience in farming. The eligible candidate must be
financially capable of buying land for framing and developing it.


Is IELTS required to get a nomination in Alberta PNP?

Language proficiency is a mandatory thing that plays an essential role in getting Alberta PNP.
For English proficiency proof, you can submit the results of one of the following tests:

a. Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program (CELPIP General test)
b. International English Language Testing System (IELTS General training test)

For French proficiency proof, you can submit the results of one of the following tests:

a. Test d’evaluation de Francais (TEF)
b. Test de connaissance du français (TCF)

Alberts is a province with ample full of opportunities for a skilled candidate. Grab those opportunities with an Alberta nomination and fly
to Canada.