LilburnGarage – Guest Contributor
Jun 8 2020

If you’ve ever used a manual garage door, you probably understand the benefits of an automatic garage door. Many people don’t buy homes that have a manual door and quite frankly, manual doors are rarely used now-a-days. I suppose this would depend also on where you live and the type of home you live in. At Lilburn Garage Door Repair in Lilburn, Georgia, most of the homes we service have an automatic door opener. A manual door means that you will have to get out of your car to open and close the door. There are safety issues with both types of doors but as it relates to a manual door, you should pay close attention to make sure it doesn’t close on you. There is also the security factor, if you need to get out of your car late at night to open and close your garage door, you risk being attacked by someone lurking in the dark. This isn’t said to scare anyone, it is simply to tell you of the risks associated with using a manual garage door. 

automatic garage door opener

An automatic garage door opener prevents these things. You are safely in your car as you open and close your garage door. You don’t have to worry getting out during bad weather to open and close the garage door. If you have several things that you need to take in and out of the car, having an automatic garage door means you can easily get in and out without continuing to manually open and close your garage door. Here is some additional information about automatic garage door openers that most of our local homeowners find very helpful. 

How Automatic Garage Door Opener are Installed 

When an automatic garage door opener is installed, it is pretty straight forward and simple. This is, if you are a professional garage door technician. If you are attempting to handle this job on your own, we would strongly suggest that you consider the difficulty in doing this on your own. What takes our experienced service technicians a short amount of time to do, would likely take an inexperienced person a rather long time to do. Due to the size of most garage doors and their weight, it can make it a little bit of a challenge to install the opener. You might end up hurting yourself or someone else during the installation process. Rather than taking such unnecessary chances, rely on the services of a reputable garage door service to handle the installation of your automatic garage door opener. 

Automatic Garage Door Opener Maintenance 

You, like most homeowners, assume that you just have the thing installed and let it do its thing. This is slightly true, however; it does require a little more maintenance than a manual garage door opener. The way you take care of your garage door opener will vary depending on the manufacturer. There are some that experience weather damage if they are not resistant to weather. Water damage is what usually occurs. What can occur is that the non-water chemicals can cause your metal doors to corrode. You can prevent this by wiping down your opener. Water and some soap is all you’ll need. The way that you handle the care of your automatic garage door opener for a wooden door will be different from any other type. Keep this in mind and consult with a professional garage door technician about the maintenance of your automatic garage door opener. Some will suggest that to keep your garage door opener in tip-top condition, allow them to perform the maintenance for you on a regular basis. This will ensure that your garage door opener will remain in good condition. When a garage door professional is attending to your automatic garage door opener, they will make sure that it is properly lubricated, to keep the doors functioning smoothly. They will make sure your springs and other components of your garage door are in good condition. If you live a busy lifestyle and are prone to overlook such things, it might be in your best interest to allow a garage door repair service technician to handle your garage door maintenance, which includes your automatic garage door. 

Automatic Garage Door Opener Remote Access 

Automatic garage door openers offer the convenience of remotely opening and closing the door. Just be careful that you do not open too soon if you don’t want someone sneaking in without your knowledge. There is also a wall-mounted remote on the inside that you can simply press when entering or exiting your home. Stay in your garage to make sure the door closes completely. In some instances, when there is a problem with your automatic door opener, the door will go down but turn around and go right back up. If you go in the house too soon, your garage door might be wide open. This would put your household in jeopardy. Moving in and out garage from the comfort of your car is what is most appealing to most motorists who have an automatic garage door opener. It isn’t a bad idea to leave one in the car and keep one on you.  

There is no doubt about it, having an automatic garage door opener is truly a level of convenience that most of us don’t even know how we lived without. However, there are some people who still have a manual door may certainly have their own reasons for preferring that style over an automatic. Perhaps, if you are more interested in an automatic door opener, you should know that it is possible to change your manual opener over to an automatic garage door opener. Just ask the experts. They will be able to address any of your concerns and quickly get to work on installing one for you. If you’re reluctant because of safety concerns, make sure they point out the useful safety features that come with an automatic garage door opener.