You may have heard of access control locks before. Chances are, you have definitely used access control locks at some point. They have become increasingly popular for homes and businesses in the last several decades thanks to advances in technology that have allowed us to increase security. Access Control not only helps increase security, but just as the name implies, it helps to give home and business owners more control over their entry and exit doors. These revolutionary lock systems take traditional locks to a whole new level. The level of control a company or homeowner wants to have over their home is pretty much limitless with access control. Depending on one’s budget, there are add-on features, wireless connectivity, and other upgraded options that make access control the perfect solution for business and home security. 


Who Can Benefit from Access Control? 

Access control is most often seen in business and commercial buildings. This is because security usually needs to be increased if a building has multiple entrances and exits. Also, depending on the nature of what a business does or the kind of information they hold, increased security and full control may be a necessity. Hospitals, especially, may use various types of access control to keep certain floors secure from anyone but patients and staff, such as surgical wings or other sterile environments.  

Homeowners in recent years have been using the same technology as business and commercial buildings to increase their home security. Certain access control devices make great additions for families that are looking to secure their homes easily and in a way that is more effective than traditional locks. Many families also enjoy the benefits of wireless controls that come with home access control locks. For example, remote access control allows an owner to open or lock doors remotely from a phone app or other external device. Additionally, since access control does not require the use of traditional keys, parents do not have to worry about their children losing or misplacing their house key or getting locked out. 

Types of Access Control Locks 

Stand-Alone or Battery Powered 

These are the most basic access control locks available, but they are highly secure. They are called stand-alone systems because they do not have remote or wireless capabilities. Usually, they are operated through the use of a number pin code. Stand-alone access control locks come in a variety of different styles and are useful for homes and businesses alike. Homeowners may opt to have just one stand-alone system for their front door and keep their traditional locks throughout the rest of their home. Businesses, especially smaller businesses, may only need stand-alone systems, as anything more sophisticated may be unnecessary. For increased security for a great price without too much fuss, these systems are a great choice. They are installed easily by a trained locksmith and can be used as soon as they are installed. Also, if you ever need a combination change, the lock code can be changed easily by a locksmith. 

Proximity Readers 

Proximity readers are most often used in conjunction with key cards. Businesses will issue individual cards to their employees and the card only needs to be within a few inches of the flat reader in order to unlock a certain door or entryway. These readers are especially helpful if businesses require that their employees carry employee identification on them at all times. Some proximity cards can even be built right into employee ID cards, saving businesses money by having one card perform two tasks. 


These may be similar to stand-alone systems, except there is usually external monitoring available. Keypad access control gives business owners the option to give their employees unique codes for entering and exiting the building. This is really helpful for owners or managers that want to keep a log of individual employees that come and go. This might even be a necessity if employees work in hospitals, laboratories, or government buildings. 

Biometric Readers 

The most expensive, but arguably the most secure access control locks fall into a category known as biometric readers. These sophisticated locks are reserved for only the most secure buildings or rooms, but may be used by some commercial businesses, depending on their security needs. Biometric readers are break-in proof since they require a specific identifier from the individual wanting to enter. Either a fingerprint reader is used to identify an individual or a retina scanner will scan one’s eyeball and identify them that way. 

The great thing about biometric readers is there is no way to tamper with them. With key cards or pin codes, those may easily be stolen or shared. If businesses are extra concerned about employees giving out access to unauthorized individuals, investing in biometric readers might be necessary. You can learn more about biometric readers and your options for installation by scheduling an appointment and inspection with a local locksmith. 

Install Access Control Locks Today! 

Make sure you work with a certified locksmith that is licensed, bonded, and insured. Before you hire anyone to install and program your access control locks, it is important to make sure that they have the proper credentials. When you call a local locksmith in your area, be sure to ask questions to get more details on the services they offer and how their team can best benefit you. Access control locks should always be installed by a professional locksmith. By going with a local business in your area, you will have a locksmith on-call that you know you can trust from the initial appointment all the way through the lifespan of your access control locks! 

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