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When your locks are starting to give you problems there may be a lot of reasons why this is the case. You might already know that an attempted break-in can damage your locks and cause problems. However, one of the most surprising reasons why people have trouble with their locks is because of the weather or temperature outdoors. When the weather changes the locks might begin to compress, causing you all sorts of problems.

Here is what might happen during the different times of the year to affect your locks.

Spring/Summer Months (Hot & Warm Temperatures)

Locks becoming jammed are the biggest problem that you might experience during the summer months. The lock may only turn in one way and not turn in the other direction. This is a problem that we generally find with exterior doors. The hotter the temperatures the more the door will start to widen.

When you have this problem, you probably have a deadbolt lock on the same door that is having trouble opening. This can be a problem within itself because the door’s lock will begin to become compromised. If you have a wooden door then you are a more likely to experience this problem than someone with a steel or fiberglass door. Wood is the very material than will begin to contract the fastest and the easiest when the temperatures are higher.

Fall/Winter Months (Cool & Cold Temperatures)

Our locksmiths at Atlanta Magic Locksmith, LLC we have more requests for lock related issues at this time than any other time of the year, during the winter. The lock problems start to happen when the temperatures are below freezing. In this case the door starts to do the very opposite thing than when it is hotter outside, it expands. This doesn’t just create problems with the door but also with the lock.

Your key may not run you are trying to unlock or lock it. You may think that the problem that you are experiencing is due to the key but you are starting to realize that it is actually the lock. To get the lock to work what you might need to do is pull the door toward you to try to re-align the lock with the door frame. This is just a temporary fix and not a solution to the problem. You will eventually need to address the underlying issue because if you don’t the problem will undoubtedly become even worse than it is already. You may not be able to lock or unlock the door at all.


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Article Source: How the Temperature Affects Your Locks