What do you feel like doing when you visit or stay in a beautiful coastal city like Newport Beach that’s most loved for its sandy beaches, scenic views and soothing sunsets?

Of course, it has to be to explore the city and its amazing landscapes, right?

But what if you knew that Newport Beach is best explored on two wheels, that is, electric bikes, that can be rented right at the heart of Newport Beach?

If you too think that this is a great idea and your heart skips a beat when youimagine yourself zooming past some wonderful locations on a bike, while the cool breeze makes you feel amazing, Newport Beach Bike Rentals is the perfect option for you.

Great Bikes from a Friendly Rental

Newport Beach is quite a happening destination, where people of all ages and gender have something unique to experience and enjoy. Also, different types of people like to rent bikes for different activities.

For example, families with kids might want to ride on the beach side, while taking short breaks, to build sand castles and enjoy the waves crashing on their bike wheels while a group of friends who enjoy physical fitness, might want to race with their bikes on the multiple trails and enjoy a breath-taking view in the end.

Along with providing bikes that are well- maintained and rented out in excellent condition,we at Newport beach, also believe in providing honest and friendly customer service when you come to rent a bike from us. Thus, whether you are a single person or a large group, our Newport Beach Bike Rental, is equipped with quality bikes that meet all your desires of biking, while on a holiday.

If renting a bike is not your preference or you are in love with your rental bike and want to take it along with you, you can take a look at our exclusive bikes for Sale at Newport Beachor purchase a tried and tested bike, and get ready to rock on your own personal electric bike.

Thus, whatever your reason is to rent or buy bikes at Newport Beach, we have great beach cruiser bikes that enhances your electric bike rental Newport Beach experience every time!

Sounds Good? Then Contact Us!

Biking as simple as it sounds, offers an excellent amount of thrill and enjoyment, especially when you are on a holiday. Minimalistic or Fancy, you can choose your kind of bike every time you rent one on Newport Beach and we will not be surprised if you return back to our store, time and again.

So, get your transportation up and going and zip through the smooth, rough and sandy terrains, with our advanced shock absorbent, high-quality, Newport Beach Bike Rentals, that are made just for you.

For more information on bookings, equipment’s details or current day’s special of Newport Beach Bike Rental simply visit us on our Website or call us on 949-484-4600.


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