Biking through hidden tourist spots or enjoying a ride with a scenic view on the beach coast is an unforgettable experience for most of us, when on a vacation. The possibilities that cannot always be covered by walking long distances, can easily be covered on bikes and this is reason why most of us opt for bike rentals when we visit new locations like Newport beach.

How easy is the process?

We say as easy as eating a doughnut.

Newport beach bike rental like the balboa fun tours & rental, offers rental bikes to customers on a first come first serve basis, with an exception of prior bookings for larger groups.So, with a large fleet of bicycles available for you to choose from, you don’t have to worry about not getting your desired cruiser bike for rent.

The process is done quickly with the verification of your id and you can be sure of getting the best from us, as we love providing exceptional customer service that comes along with a few friendly and honest tips, when you rent ourbikes at Newport beach.

What else should you know?

Going in for a Newport electric bike rental can be a first time for you. Thus, to ensure your comfort and safety, we at Balboa fun tours & rental, equip all our bikes with advanced shock absorbents and also have a full inventory of bike accessories, parts and supplies, that can make your beach bike cruise a memorable one

Bike rental is truly an experience and a warm, friendly atmosphere and exceptional service is what we aim for with our bike rentals Newport beach. Especially during the current times, where fitness is of high priority and riding a bike can energize you and also make you feel good, bike rentals Newport beach can be a great choice.

Balboa fun tours & rentals, also offers men and women’s bikes, children’s bikes, mountain bikes and beach cruiser bikes for sale at affordable prices. This way, you don’t bike alone and can take your whole group with you.

So, what are you waiting for?

Gather your friends, family and children, and get on a Newport rental bike, to enjoy the sun shining brightly on your face again and get outdoors in high spirits.

For any further queries regarding beach cruise or any other kind of bike rentals, simply call us  on 949-484-4600.

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