There is no doubt about it. Any business now that wants to succeed needs to have high DA (Domain Authority) linkbacks. This increases rankings tremendously. Posting articles, blogs, and press releases also helps but must be done on a consistent basis. Social media posting adds to the mix and increases the link backs and of course “shares” that all companies seek.

However, if a business tries to do this themselves it soon becomes obvious that a whole lot of consistent posting, sharing of posts, and of course, responses to posts must be done. This is a fulltime job in and of itself and it is where most businesses fail on social media. When businesses complain about social media being “useless” it is simply because they have not figured out that the need is so great for consistency.

Buzzvoice had solved the problem of social media constant attention. The services offered encompass most popular social media sites such as Facebook ™, Twitter ™, Instagram ™, TikTok ™ YouTube ™ and even the “new kid on the block” SoundCloud ™. Posts can be purchased by volume as can shares, testimonials and responses.

Social media response skyrockets when using Buzzvoice and it is an offering that is much needed in the crowded jungle that social media has now become. Buzzvoice packages are also very affordable with some offerings starting at under one dollar a post. This is an incredible deal as even ten posts, shares, or responses can take a business owner several hours each day as digging through posts and reading them is horrifically time consuming in and of itself.

Buzzvoice posts and sharing are not just random, either. This is a targeted approach based on each client’s business. Whether a brick and mortar, an online shop, an Ebay ™seller, or even an Amazon ™ seller the posts will be done with attention to detail.

There will be no banning of accounts either, which is always a concern as all rules and regulations are followed religiously to the letter on each type of social media account. This is always a concern when businesses try to do this themselves and many allow their social media accounts to just flounder because of the fear of banishment or closure of an account.

Making social media a large part of any marketing funnel will enhance branding, capture sales, increase rankings, and engage any business worldwide with those seeking the services that are being sold. Testimonials are also available and these of course, are a priceless addition to any marketing endeavor. Testimonials increase faith amongst consumers and faith in any services does equal more sales.

Payment methods are extensive with most major credit and debit cards, PayPal ™and even bitcoin payments. No business should stay in the shadows on social media when Buzzvoice is offering the perfect solution to overcoming the nightmare of being unrecognizable. Same day delivery is available so there is no need to put off a solid social media presence even one second longer.

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