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If you have a garage door, then you are sure to  appreciate the convenience of the garage it protects. You get to enjoy the  extra storage space, the ability to keep your vehicle protected from the   elements, and so on. But what do you do if your garage door malfunctions in  some way? What if the garage door won’t stay open? How frustrating!

Problem with the Springs

The springs could be the culprit if your garage door will   not remain open. The solution to this is to have a technician come out and provide  spring adjustment. We never recommend working with parts such as spring if you  do not have plenty of experience for the simple fact that you could easily get  injured if the springs were to snap.

Close Limit Switch Needs Adjustment

In some cases, it could be that your close limit switch   needs to be adjusted. Here is what is happening – the garage door is registering that the measurements are off. It could be because the motor and  the limit switch are too close together. You can try moving the limit switch in  an effort to fix this if you know where to find this part. Making an adjustment  to the limit switch’s position can make a difference if the motor is pushing  against the limit switch, too, which can happen. The problem might manifest  itself in the sense that the door won’t stay open or it reverses.

Power Source Disruption

The issue could be the power source. Check to make sure  your main power source is turned on. This is simple enough!

The Garage Door is Off-Track        

Check to make sure your garage door is not off track as   this could cause the garage door to fail to do what you want it to do. Look for  gaps or a bent track.

If you have a garage door that will not stay open, then  you have more than an inconvenient situation on your hands – you are also   facing a safety concern. You will want to avoid using the garage door until  this issue is resolved, and if that entails calling a garage door repair company, you will want to do so fast. Many of these companies, such as our own,  offer same day service.  

Remember that a broken garage door spring can prevent the  garage door from staying open. An issue with the close limit switch can also be  the culprit. We hope this helps you to know what to look for when your door  will not stay open!

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