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Personal security starts with the locks we choose to have on our homes. With how many options and brands are available on the market, it can be difficult to not only decide which kind of locks to choose, but also whether or not you should upgrade to a more secure type of lock.

If you are in the process of upgrading your home security or are simply curious about the different lock types available for homeowners to purchase, the following article will help you narrow down your options. Know that regardless of whether or not you choose a traditional lock type or an electronic one, there are plenty of affordable options in either category that you can choose from in order to suit both your budget and home security needs.


Standard and Traditional Locks

  • Knob Locks

Knob locks look like standard doorknobs, except users have the option to lock the knob with a small latch on the inside of the lock. You are likely already familiar with knob locks and may even have one or two already in place around your home. Knob locks are usually placed on the front, back, and side doors leading into one’s home. While knob locks are fairly secure, they are not ideal as standalone locks for any entry points. Knob locks should always be paired with a secure deadbolt lock if they are placed on exterior doors. For interior doors, such as bathrooms and bedrooms, knob locks can provide an ideal solution for privacy without requiring a bunch of heavy hardware on your door.

  • Single-Cylinder Deadbolts

The most popular deadbolt lock that you will see on home entryways is a single-cylinder deadbolt. These deadbolts are affordable and easy to use, but provide a secure way for homeowners to lock up their homes at the end of the day and when they leave their homes for any length of time. Most homeowners find that a deadbolt lock provides enough security for their household. However, if you need additional security, deadbolts can easily be paired with sliding locks or chain locks, for example.

  • Double-Cylinder Deadbolts

The other type of deadbolt lock that is not as popular, but you might still see occasionally, is known as a double-cylinder deadbolt. While these are not usually preferred by homeowners, they may be necessary for certain circumstances. Double-cylinder deadbolts have a key slot on both the interior and exterior sides of the lock. Instead of being able to use a latch while on the interior side of the lock to secure your home, a key must also be used. While these types of deadbolts are not as convenient or quick to use, they do provide a slightly more increased layer of security than single-cylinder deadbolts since they are more difficult to tamper with.


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