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It is not easy to evaluate on your own when the locks at your home and office need to be replaced. We all forget how long they have been in place, and it is easily ignored when they stop working properly or grow weak. It can be something as easy as losing your keys or having them stolen. There are also more significant issues of wear and tear that can eliminate the ability of your locks to keep your home and office secure.


Exterior Doors

First there is the important factor occurring when all keys have been lost or broken. Possibly, if the building has been broken into then it is important to start fresh with all of the exterior locks and keys. This may not be easy, but it could include everything from the doors to windows and the garage, or even more. It is important to remember that someone who has broken into a house or other building it is possible they stole other keys to your shed, cars or other items. At this point nothing is safe inside or outside the house, and it is important to make sure of the potential of replacing ALL locks inside and outside the house. Every lock related to this location will need to be replaced.

Sometimes it is a little simpler in the locks or doors themselves wearing due to weather or just age. After a long period of time it could be wear of the lock or the key meaning that one or both need to be replaced. It is easy for these old locks to have a key break off and then service is much more difficult. Issues like older wood doors swelling up and making the locks harder to use can mean that it is getting close to replacement time. Especially if it seems like the lock will not turn into the wall, it could be time to replace the lock and even the door in order to make sure that it will work more efficiently and effectively.


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