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According to Luxury Screens, several garden fencing solutions are available in the UK. They include composite fencing and garden screens. When it comes to garden screens, there are hundreds of designs that a consumer will be confronted with. Thus, it is easy to be spoilt for choice.

Consumers tend to choose composite fencing because it doesn’t require any maintenance. It is made from a mixture of wood and plastic. Traditional fencing made from wood will need a lot of maintenance. It is easily susceptible to rotting while composite fencing is rot-resistant.

Luxury Screens always advises consumers to consult experts when it comes to shopping for garden fencing. An expert has a lot of experience in the industry and knows what works and what doesn’t.


Most homeowners will be concerned about the design of a garden screen. They will want a product that serves a decorative purpose. They will prefer a garden panel that enhances the appearance of the garden.

A homeowner can decide to opt for a custom-made design. This will match well with the décor of their garden. The color of the screen also matters. An attractive color scheme will do wonders in a garden.

Fire Retardant

Consumers should look out for fences that are fire-retardant. The United Kingdom just like most European countries is susceptible to wildfires as well as fires that are caused by human errors. A fire retardant fence will not catch fire or be burnt because it has been made out of special materials.

Environmentally Friendly

It is the age of environmental friendliness. The ultimate choice should be a garden screen that has been made out of environmentally friendly materials. Such a product will save the environment which is in a very dire situation. If people ignore the current state of the environment, it is the future generation that will suffer.


Durability is one of the core factors to examine when shopping for garden fencing solutions. A fence must be durable. Such a fence will easily endure the various weather elements.


There is a need for a product that comes with a warranty. A seller who offers a warranty indicates that they are confident in the state of their products. If there is no warranty, the seller in question should be avoided. There must be a warranty of at least one or two years.

Purchasing & Installing

Purchasing can be done offline or online. If the transaction is online, payment has to be made by a credit card or through a payment gateway. After the transaction has been completed, shipping will be done.

Some local retailers will offer to install it for free as an after-sales service. If there is no free installation, the homeowner will need to hire someone to do the job. A competent and experienced professional will come in handy.

About Luxury Screens

Luxury Screens has the biggest collection of garden screens and composite fencing in the United Kingdom. All their products are manufactured in The UK, inspired by British artisans.


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