What are solenoids and their uses?

Power Solenoids are nothing but the complex wire collection of complex wire conglomeration in a particular pathway to create an electromagnetic field or convert these fields into mechanical energy to carry out EMS works. In the world technology, machines have ushered the growth allied us to live the unprecedented life of comfort and opportunities. The technology has upgraded the level of understanding and gravity field of innovations. With a new level of industrial development to run big nuclear machinery, we need temperature and fluids system controllers to need the help of DC power solenoid to ensure enough flow current.

Different types of availability of solenoids and the importance             

Solenoids are in many industries processes the control flow of current and energy because they ensure there won’t be any damage to machinery. There are different types of open frame solenoids used in various forms like a rotational or linear way to control the fluid control need to be allowed to run machinery efficiently. Some of the industries profoundly used are dental, appliances, energy, appliance, transportation, medical, etc.


Linear solenoids are in brakes, door locks, coin changers, pumps, disc drive locks, film processors, vending machines, electric typewriters, etc. Rotary type solenoids are in breakers, counters, machine tools, textile machinery, defibrillator, etc. but, how can we forget about the solenoid valves found in dishwashers, machine washes where they control the flow of water. Looking at the day-to-day activities control in the dentist chair also we do use this process of solenoids. So, almost everything we see is of solenoids. Life is nothing without solenoids as we are all dependent on machinery and tools for our daily activities.

Types of open frame solenoids availability

We can find various types of open frame solenoids includepush-pull, suckers, rotating solenoids widely used in subways, auto parts, households, machinery. The Dongguan Dason electric Co. Ltd. has committed to providing all types of DC power solenoids to meet the demand. This company is more competent in accomplishing delivery on time. They have a perfect management system having research personnel work intellectually to carve out the best solenoid that fits all requirements needs.

Last words and conclusion

So, if you are thinking of bulk procurements of DC power solenoids for your industries or factories, please check with the above specifications and criteria. You can browse through the internet and find a suitable website for solenoid procurements as they make instruments as per customer’s need and demand along with its sample.

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