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A garage door offers a layer of privacy, convenience and ease of access into your property, in addition to greater security.

When you realize there is a problem in the sense that the garage door opens or closes on its own, there are multiple possible culprits. No matter what, you will want the issue resolved fast. This is a given, because you want to be able to use your garage door! Whether you have bags of groceries in your hands, a child in a car seat or anything else you are trying to carry inside your house, or you are just trying to avoid getting wet in the rain, you want the garage door to open and close properly.

Let’s start with the different scenarios that can occur when the door is opening or closing on its own – one issue is that the garage door can shut, but when it hits the floor, it opens again. Or maybe the door closes halfway and then reverses. Duluth Garage Door Repair in Duluth, GA is here to help with issues such as this.

So what is the culprit? Why would the garage door open or close on its own? The problem could be the garage door opener. Do you use the automatic door opener to shut the garage door? And does it seem to work only until it’s time for the door to close? When the opener makes unusual noises, this is a clear sign that something is wrong with it. We recommend having an expert check it out.

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