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Have you ever tried to blow dry your hair but the hair dryer burnt out or stopped working? How about trying to wash a load of dirty dishes and the dishwasher quit working; remember that? It can be frustrating; having to deal with appliances that you’ve paid good money for and then suddenly they don’t work, leaving you with wet hair and dirty dishes! Suddenly we are faced with appliance repair or, most likely, replacement. It’ not only annoying but it can ruin your day or at least throw you off schedule. Garage doors are often considered the largest appliance in the house and when they stop working, it’s really aggravating as your car can be left outside, trapped inside or even damaged by a suddenly falling wood or metal garage door weighing several hundred pounds!


What choice do you have?

It’s your garage door for Pete’s sake! You have to fix it or else you are doomed to be greatly inconvenienced by having to manually lift and lower your garage door or not use it at all! Unlike your hair dryer, you can’t simply go out and buy a new one at your local Target store. But do you really need to call a garage door professional in order to get it fixed? Maybe, but not always! Often, there are simple and easy to do adjustments that you can make yourself. Read on and see what we recommend; you might just save yourself a service call and some money! Here in Duluth, GA you might have to eventually call a garage door shop like ours, but even if you do, you can still save on time and money by explaining to your repair technician that you’ve already done these simple checks on your own.

Your garage door is complicated

Did you know that your garage door is not just a big slab of metal or wood? It actually consists of hundreds of individual parts including panels, sections, springs, cables, pulleys, opener unit, safety sensors, hinges, tracks and lots more. Each of these parts must be in good working order for your garage door to function safely and reliably. Our Duluth Garage Door Repair shop recommends doing a simple overall check on some of these components; often a small adjustment is all that is needed to get your garage door back in great working shape!

Start simple; check your battery

That’s right; check your remote’s battery. Why go through extra expense and trouble getting a garage door technician to come out when all that is needed is a simple battery check? Your battery may be low, dead, or leaking. All you need to do is check it. Do you have a home battery tester? Use it. If you don’t have one, they are very inexpensive and are sold at many stores locally or online. They typically run around $10 but a completely free way to get this simple job done is to take your battery to a local store that offers free testing. Most Home Depot, Lowe’s and Wal-mart stores offer this service so check your battery and make sure that it is in good working shape.

Next, check your safety eyes

These are your safety sensors that signal each other in order to operate your garage door automatically. These do need to be correctly aligned so be sure to check yours. Proceed if you know how to do this simple task; if not, check your owner’s manual or go online and watch a video on the subject.


Article Source: Garage door won’t work – things to check before calling a professional in Duluth GA

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