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When you are unable to gain access to your garage, this could become very upsetting. There are various reasons why you might not be able to open your garage, but very specific reasons if you have a remote. So don’t just continue to inconvenience yourself, instead, get an answer to your problem. Duluth Garage Door Repair in Duluth, GA has technicians who will be happy to evaluate the possible reasons why you are experiencing problems with your garage door opening or closing with your remote. However, in the meantime, it may benefit you to now the following.


Dead Batteries

The moment you discover that the problem you’re experiencing is due to your remote, you may head to your nearest hardware store to buy more batteries. While this is often one of the main reasons someone’s remote stops working, we think it’s also fair worth noting that you should pay particular attention to the type of batteries you purchase. If you are noticing that you’re buying more than your share of batteries for your garage remote; you might stop to ask yourself is this due to the type of batteries your buying. There are definitely some batteries that will hold their value much longer. By using a better quality of batteries, you may not have to worry about running to the hardware store so often or being inconvenienced because you can’t access your garage.


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