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If your garage door goes on the fritz, there are numerous causes that your garage door is acting up. Some reasons are simple, and some are more complex. But don’t waste time getting upset. There’s still plenty you can do.



Problems and Solutions


What if your garage door won’t close? The garage door has a photo sensor eye on each side. Between them is an invisible beam, which, when broken, prevents the garage door from shutting. Check to see if they’re grimy or misaligned. Depending upon which brand and style of sensors you have, if the light’s blinking, there’s surely something wrong. Or, if you have sensors with red and green lights, the red one generally means it’s not fully functioning.


Another sensor issue can be the wiring. Examine the sensors’ connections, making sure the wires haven’t come loose or become hindered by corrosion. Another possibility is that there’s a short in the wiring, which can sometimes result from a staple that was used during the initial installation; vibrations over the years can eventually lead to a disconnect. Also, wires can become stretched, resulting in a disconnection.


If your garage door won’t open, the springs are likely failing, not staying contracted as they should. Adjustment is possible, by shortening the cables using a bracket in order to add additional tension on the springs. If your garage door has one or two torsion springs, one or both could be broken. Never try adjusting your own garage door! If improperly serviced, a garage door spring can cause injury or even death. The cables, drums, or bottom brackets may require adjusting. Or, it’s possible that the springs require replacement. Either way, it’s wise to hire a dependable garage door professional. If you live anywhere in Duluth, Georgia, consider a legitimate local garage door company such as Duluth Garage Door Repair.


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