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Universities are easy to find and target with the use of comprehensive email lists. The leading contact database provider Education Data Lists providing accurate and targetted Universities Email List. Their University email lists cover all the universities in America and other English speaking countries. About two lakhs of university contacts are they store in their database. They have segmented the contacts in the base of job title and location. So marketers can purchase the email lists according to their interests. In the mailing lists, they included the contacts of key-decision makers like college professors, college coaches, principals, administrators, directors of universities, and more.


Approximately, there are 5400 universities and colleges in America only. These universities require a lot of services and products for their smooth operations. They require sports equipment, books, educational software, and more valuable products that will aid their operations. Businesses that can provide valuable products or services can approach the universities for dealing with businesses.


The mailing lists of the university include the first name and last name, telephone number, email id, and postal id of the key decision-makers in the universities. Education marketers can directly feed these contacts into their CRM software to conduct a successful campaign. Both offline and online marketing can conduct through with the help of mailing lists. Education Data Lists gathered all these contacts by opt-in emails method and other reliable resources. After that, they have cleansed the data and stored it according to the job title and location. Every month they are updating the database to deliver valid emails to their clients. They have clients from more than 60+ countries around the world, and they successfully managed to fulfill their needs all these years.


Apart from the university's email lists, Education Data Lists provides the education mailing lists, college database, principals contacts, and more.

Marketers can directly go to their website and request the order of university email lists. Before that, customers could verify the authenticity of their database by requesting the sample data of the respective free of cost.


Education Data Lists is a premium and well-known contact database provider of the education industries across the world. They provide well-researched and accurate data of the key decision-makers in the education industry. It will help marketers who want to target the education industry a lot. They provide users with 90% accurate mailing lists. Businesses can double their ROI with the aid of these mailing lists.


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