At the sight of a bulldog, it catches attention for the authoritative stance. But do not let the appearance deceive how it is. Know more about the characteristics and the English bulldog.

Describing a Bulldog

Apart from the french bulldog, the most popular types are English and American! Their appearances are different, but they possess similar temperaments. This is why people tend to get confused with them. On standard, bulldogs have the same outward characteristics. Look at the frame and built. Observe the short and wide stature showing a heavy weight.

However, some types display different weights and heights. The body and face often have wrinkled skin. A flat face and short snout are also its features. Dogs with these are regarded as brachycephalic. The original reputation of a bulldog is an aura of bravery and aggression. As time passed by, this transformed into a friendly nature. Breeds can have a gentle disposition and sweet temper. Fondness for people and loving are also innate. They make cool companions for young kids and can interact with fellow dogs.

It is great when they are placed in a public place! The ability to maintain their bravery and being alert as the scenario arises is admirable. Notice in a commercial center this type of dog guards the surroundings. Although they exude sweetness to familiar people, it is contrary to new faces.

A Popular Type of Bulldog

English Bulldog

Owning this bulldog means getting ready for an outgoing and friendly breed! It comes from England in the 13th century. At that time, its use was for bull-baiting, a form of blood-sport. This means participating in a fight against another kind of dog. The original image for this breed was fearless, powerful, and fierce. In this regard, it was fit for competition against mad bulls in a pit.

That was how the bulldog name began. With strong jaws, this animal can threaten and defeat the dog opponent. The fight thrilled an audience! Fortunately, this type of event stopped already. It led to owners training the temperament to become friendlier. A calmer and gentler aura became a hit with English families! This development made the bulldog likable outside England. Further changes converted it into the present demeanor.


Having an English bulldog means a friendly and sweet companion. Despite the fierce and aggressive aura, it exhibits the opposite. Familiar people like family members like it because of the silliness! Parents of young kids let them play with this bulldog. It can withstand chaotic physical activities with the kids. Likewise, they crave the attention of the little ones!

Being great guardians of youngsters, it shows courageousness towards unpleasant elements. Although this is a good scenario, parents remain best in being with their kids. Little ones need to interact with other people first before being entrusted to the companionship of these animals. Besides these, the owner must guide the bulldog first. This is before engaging with the kids.

It is a joy for families with young kids to have a pet English bulldog! Parents can join the little ones in having fun with this animal!




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