Cannabinoids Garden Says It Has Commenced Its Search For The Weeds Of New Jersey Lost Book

The Cannabinoids garden is working to intensify its efforts towards searching for the rare and highly valuable Lost Book about the weeds of New Jersey by asking the public for helpful information.

Cannabinoids Garden, a blog known for its informative content on all things that relate to the cannabis plant and its derivatives, has recently announced that they have accelerated their efforts towards getting helpful information on how they could get access to the highly valuable weeds of the new Jersey Lost book.

Cannabinoids garden also announced that they would be using every targeted communication platform available to them to reach out to people with helpful information as to how they could recover a copy of the lost book.

A brief introduction to the book says that it is a complete guide to the weed strain that people could purchase in the 80s in New Jersey. In other words, a prospective buyer or someone interested in the cannabis plants and their different strains could get sufficient information from the guidebook as it contained well-documented and researched information on over 50 species or strains of the cannabis plants.

Additionally, readers wouldn't just be getting a general knowledge of the weed but also well-detailed descriptions of more than 50 species of weeds found in New Jersey. For example, one of the strains discussed and elaborated on in the lost book is Skunk #1. It is documented to be a hybrid cannabis strain that has affected cannabis on a worldwide scale, giving birth to a slew of skunk crosses since it first appeared in the late 1970s.

The other strain that was said to be prevalent then was the Swazi Gold Variety. It was documented to have been smuggled out of the African continent. Unfortunately, though, there isn't much information about this particular strain as the book is lost.

There are other varieties too, but at this point, little is known about them. Unfortunately, for whatever reasons there are, the book was produced in a limited quantity for a select few. Along the line, most of the copies produced were confiscated and burnt. There are still some copies believed to still be in circulation, extremely difficult to come by, and that has skyrocketed the value of a copy of the book to over fifty thousand dollars.

In a bid to get more information, Cannabinoids Garden has decided to go on a search for the Weeds of New Jersey Lost book. They have intensified their efforts and, in a bid to get more information, they are putting the word out there and asking as many as might have helpful tips or have access to the book to contact them on their website and approved communication channels.

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