Kayaking is a great way to spend time with friends and family. It can be a challenging activity, but it can also be relaxing and fun. If you are looking for something different to do on your next vacation, consider renting kayaks in Newport Beach, CA.

Here are some things you can do with your Newport Beach kayak rental:

Go fishing. If you want to go fishing, but don’t have the time or patience to learn how to cast from shore, take your kayak out on the water instead! This will allow you to fish from a more secluded area of the coast without having to worry about getting caught in any waves or currents that might otherwise prevent you from casting properly.

Swim with dolphins. Dolphins love the ocean just as much as humans do, so if you see them jumping out of the water while you’re paddling around in your kayak, it’s not impossible that they’ll jump right up next to you and swim along side of your boat! Dolphins tend to live in groups and they’re very social creatures, so if one dolphin jumps up next to you, there may be others nearby who want to join in on the fun too!

Explore Newport Harbor – Kayaking through the harbor will give you a unique perspective on this historic town. You’ll see dolphins, sea lions, seals and other wildlife in their natural habitat.

Explore fine dining – Newport Beach has some of the finest restaurants around, so why not combine your dining experience with some fun on the water? Eating at a restaurant by the water will give you awesome views of both land and sea while enjoying delicious food prepared by an expert chef.

Kayaking is one of our favourite ways to spend time on the water, and with a Newport Beach kayak rental from Catalina Sea Kayak, it’s easy to get out on the water and explore. You can easily rent your kayak from us directly at our location in Newport Beach or from another location within Orange County. If you choose to rent from another location, make sure that they’re authorized by Catalina Sea Kayak and have all of their equipment in good working order before you go out on the water! Our kayaks are designed for both beginners and experts alike; whether you’re just getting started with this activity or are an expert looking for more adventure, we have something for you!

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