Remember that before the state-of-the-art high-tech boards and ultra-light carbon fibber paddles, SUP was just a board and a stick. It was entirely up to you, the paddler, to make it go and get fit in the process. If your goal was fitness, you should have invested some time and money in professional training from your local SUP Pro. It really is worth it and you’ll get more Aha moments than you can imagine. Plus you’ll have a lifetime of workouts on the water that will literally take you anywhere.

For most people, paddle technique begins and ends as an upper body workout. Men especially, naturally rely on their upper body to do all the work of creating and controlling momentum with some core and supporting leg muscles for stability. But good paddle stroke technique is all about generating power with your core and legs first. Paddle technique can seem difficult at first, especially when there’s a water-based wobble factor involved. While paddle Pro’s can show you the technique, it’s up to you to practice and apply them every session – stroke by stroke!

All good SUP workouts have an immediate application on the water, in case the conditions change and/or your goals change. They also incorporate adventure paddling, SUP racing, surfing and white-water activities. Wind, waves and the water provide naturally occurring resistance when you use your SUP for a great skill-building opportunity.

An interval workout is one that alternates from a long, slow effort to a faster, shorter one. To do an interval workout without falling off the board, keep your balance by coordinating your movements and focusing on using your legs and core to derive power from each stroke. That’s how you create speed and give yourself the ability to perform better than you do in a traditional gym workout.

Here are some low-impact exercises to get a great whole-body workout any day of the week.

Balance Training

Pivot turns are great for many reasons, including their practical applications for SUP racing, surfing and white-water or you’re in a crowded water way and need to make short, sharp turns.

  To start, stand in the center of the board, over the handle. With shoulders back and knees bent, sink at the knees into a chair position and slap the surface of the water with the logo side of your paddle to brace. Shuffle your feet one by one towards the tail of your board, then back to the center and repeat. See how far back you can go and test what is your tipping point—prepare for getting wet.

Interval training with a mini-workout

  Technique is key to swimming fast. When you swim, think golf swing on a wobbly surface—it will take practice. So, start your interval workout with some technique drills—one good, slow stroke is better than 5 fast sloppy ones so start with a dynamic warm up on the water. Build to medium tempo (stroke cadence—maybe a 6 out of 10 for effort) and get warmed up for 5 minutes. Feeling warm? Good. Not yet? Check your technique.

Interval Drills –

  Rail Dips—shoulders back and eyes up, sink into a chair position over the center of the board, slap the water with the logo side of the paddle to brace and use your lower body to sink the right rail followed by the left, repeat. Try to get your feet wet, and stay low for a 20 count.

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