Stand-up paddle boarding also called SUP is one of the popular pastimes for many young and old people during the summer season. It is easy to learn and nearly everyone can do it. But the butterfly that probably must be running in the stomach for learning such paddle boarding activity is very normal for beginners. If you are quite nervous but want to get out of your comfort box and explore this activity then surely here are some tips that can be helpful for you.

Tips that can Always Work:

Before you go ahead and start learning, one pro tip for every beginner is to always introduce yourself on the stand-up paddle board by renting it. Certainly, someday once you get an expert in it, you should have your paddle board. But a trial run by renting it is a wise decision from Investment proactive as well. On average renting such a board will be nominal as compared to buying it. So if budget is also a restriction, then renting it from the reliable Best Paddle Board Rental in Newport Beach is the best thing.

Start Learning on the Knees:

Take baby steps because that’s how you will archive goals. Get motivated by looking at the intermediates but don’t become overconfident. To reach the place where the experts are padding today you need to first start small. For this, you have to start with a kneeling position. This may initially seem to be uncomfortable but as you practice, you will learn the right way to paddle.

The Core is Important:

When you are on such a paddle boat, don’t exhaust the arms. Focus on using your core which is the strongest muscle of the body. You need to paddle in a much more efficient way. For this, it is important to be in the right posture which is to stand tall. Use your stomach muscles and start paddling.

Never Look at Your Feet:

The paddling is all about balance and the moment you lose it, you will then have to start from scratch. That is when you mustn’t look down otherwise seeing the board wobbling will make you lose balance. Look up instead at the horizon as you paddle. This way your back can stay straight when the weight will be on the toes. This improves stability as well.

Fall Correctly:

It does not matter how well you are, you are going to fall off the board eventually. But if you want to make sure that you don’t fall hurting yourself then fall away from the board. There is no point in watching yourself otherwise there will be more injuries. Understand that paddle boards are very heavy and it can even hurt if you smuk the front site exactly on it. Focus on keeping a strong grip on the paddle so it won’t hit you as you fall.

Conclusion: Now that you seem to be all set to start with your first paddle board experience, look for the best  Paddle Board Newport Beach where you can get a broad of choices. Make it point to choose a time when the water is calm and serene.

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