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Endocrinologists and diabetologists are specialists who concentrate in the examination, diagnosis, and treatment of endocrine system disorders.

Nature of the work

The chief glands of the endocrine system consist of “adrenal glands, pancreas, thyroid glands, ovaries and testicles, pituitary gland, and parathyroid glands”. These glands secrete hormones into the blood circulation, which affect specific organs of the body.

Endocrinology and diabetes are predominantly an outpatient specialty, but several patients are known to require hospital admission for the management of complications and complex investigations. Also, it is seen that at least 15 to 20 % of hospital inpatients have diabetes or other endocrine conditions. This has caused many hospital-based specialists to manage diabetes patients jointly with colleagues in outdoor primary care. Patients who usually have chronic conditions holistically require management as it is often long-term treatment.

Types of Conditions

Diabetes and endocrinology doctors in Warner Robins, GA treat conditions such as:

  • Thyroid disorders
  • diabetes mellitus
  • lipid disorders
  • endocrine disorders of the reproductive system
  • effect on endocrine from cancer treatment side effects
  • adrenal disease
  • bone and calcium disorders
  • pituitary disease

Both Outdoor and inpatient treatment procedures/interventions include:

  • Detail investigations for complex disorders of the endocrine system
  • Pre- and post-operative management of endocrine and diabetes patients.
  • Emergency management of diabetic and endocrine disease such as ketoacidosis and hypercalcemia
  • Management of diabetes and endocrine conditions in pregnancy
  • Working in a team in multidisciplinary functions which includes specialist nurses, allied healthcare professionals, and other specialist clinicians


Many endocrinologists and diabetologists develop sub-specialty interests such as:

  • diabetes in pregnancy
  • pediatric and adolescent diabetes and endocrinology
  • diabetic renal disease
  • diabetic neuropathy and foot problems
  • diabetic eye disease
  • thyroid problems
  • pituitary and adrenal disease
  • reproductive endocrinology
  • endocrine late effects of cancer treatment
  • lipid disorders
  • bariatric medicine
  • metabolic bone disease
  • neuroendocrine tumors

Typically, diabetes doctors in Warner Robins, GA, treat both diabetes and endocrinology, patients though some doctors prefer to work in one condition and specialize in them. Patient's age is not a factor as they treat in all age ranges. Many of them also contribute to acute or general medicine inpatient care.

Increasingly, complex endocrine diseases, and especially endocrine tumors, are being managed in large referral centers. As the specialty is predominantly outpatient-based, in an average working day, a specialist may see 40 to 50 patients. Most units also have ongoing research activities specifically related to the specialty of the disorder.

Diabetologists see patients who are pre-diabetic or some have newly been diagnosed with diabetes, those with diabetic complications, patients with diabetic conditions under certain circumstances like pregnancy, and also patients with diabetic conditions of type 1 type.

Endocrinologists working in a specialist center usually treat a different range of patients and work in multidisciplinary clinics which deals in:

1. Thyroid
2. pituitary
3. General endocrine
4. oncology
5. reproductive

Working hours and on-call

Diabetes treatment is increasingly treated in primary care centers. Many specialists in endocrinology and diabetes, apart from their specialist duties, also contribute to acute or general medicine work.

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