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It is usual for males to visit an urologist Warner Robins GA for obtaining the right treatment. Sure, males are often diagnosed with a host of unique problems pertaining to the urinary and reproductive systems. However, the women are not completely immune to kidney and urinary system ailments either. In fact, there are innumerable females who require the services of specialists at Houston urology associates Warner Robins, GA.

The experts who treat various conditions affecting kidneys, urinary bladder as well as the entire urinary tract reveal that such diseases are seen in both genders equally. There is absolutely no reason for omen to feel embarrassed about visiting a top urology doctor in Warner Robins GA, however.

While the anatomical differences between males and females are apparent, urologists find women coming to them with specific problems that affect the urinary system. Many women find their body change drastically following pregnancy, childbirth and menopause. Females who had to undergo hysterectomy or removal of the uterus may find themselves facing a number of kidney and urinary tract issues too.

Dr. Victor J. Andress, a renowned urologist reveals the most common problems that women experience at different phases of their lives. Some of the conditions may be rarer than others but all of them warrant a visit to a specialist doctor who can diagnose and provide the right treatment without much delay.

Some of the reasons that should lead you to an urologist include:-

  • Infections - Urinary tract infections are exceedingly common in females in comparison to their male counterparts. This is on account of anatomy wherein the female uro-genital tract is much shorter than that o the males causing infection carrying pathogens to enter the body easily. Medical researchers have noticed that a majority of the female population will develop UTI or urinary tract infection at some pint of their lives. Common symptom associated with the condition is an intense burning sensation in the tract and pain during urination. It is usually treated with a course of antibiotics but may recur at times too.
  • Incontinence – A number of women suffer from urinary incontinence when they have no control over passing of urine. This is usually found in older women but may occur in younger ones who are affected by stress and anxiety. Weak muscles of the urinary system or damaged pelvic floor may cause this problem. The urology specialist Warner Robins GA would treat it differently depending on the cause.
  • Prolapse – A weakened pelvic floor may prolapsed when the upper end of the vagina fails to spring back to its original position after multiple child births or surgical intervention. The vagina may fall into the vaginal canal or be seen outside. However, the prolapsed of the pelvic floor may result in moving the rectum, bladder, small intestine and uterus causing severe discomfort and pain. It is advisable for such patients to get the right treatment at the earliest. Repositioning of the organs along with strengthening the pelvic wall can be done surgically.
  • Interstitial Cystitis- This is an infection occurring in the wall of the urinary bladder. The symptoms are similar to that of UTI or pelvic pain but no apparent cause of infection can be attributed to bacteria or any other micro organism. The experts of urology Warner Robins GA are sure to examine the patient and run diagnostic tests in order to confirm the condition. Unfortunately, the treatment procedure may be varied and difficult with patients responding differently to medication, exercise and physiotherapy. Life style changes along with following a nutritious diet plan are often advised for total cure of the condition.
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