Ian’s Dustless Blasting is a pioneer in introducing the environmentally cautious edge to conventional sandblasting. The firm uses both dry and wet blasting techniques for sandblasting wood, stone, concrete, aluminum, brick, steel, and other surfaces for a myriad of industries with minimal airborne dust and no impact on nearby workers.


Georgia, 17th July 2023:

Ian’s Dustless Blasting works on the principle of flexibility. Every sector is different, and so are their sandblasting needs. For instance, in industrial refineries, sandblasting abrasive can be used for equipment, floor and surface cleaning, pipe/fitting paint and coating removal, rust and product buildup removal, and elimination of paint, rust, corrosion, and contaminants from the steel beams. On the other hand, for the commercial landscape, the sandblasting media can be used for Asphalt tar cleaning, concrete cleaning, rust, and paint removal, sidewalk and stucco cement cleaning, graffiti removal, stamped concrete removal, and more.


A spokesperson from Ian’s Dustless Blasting says: “As one of the leading firms for dustless portable sandblasting, we understand the significance of precision and quality in different establishments. With decades of experience in the industry and state-of-the-art equipment like AquaMiser Ultra Boss D-115, and EcoQuip 400t, our team can perform some of the largest, most demanding, commercial, industrial, and residential sandblasting jobs at the customer’s work site.” Starting from the garage floor and paver cleaning and wood surface cleaning in condos and townhouses to airport surface cleaning for the aviation industry, Ian’s Dustless Blasting can do it all. Need more details? Reach out to the experts at Ian’s Dustless Blasting now!


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