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As an environmentally conscious firm, Ian’s Dustless Blasting LLC offers eco-friendly surface restoration and cleaning services for a diverse range of industries. Whether it is industrial hydro blasting or wet soda blasting, the professionals have years of experience in completing your project on time and within budget.


Georgia, 15th July 2023:

The industrial sector is booming, and advancements like sandblasting are now less abrasive, as compared to the 1950s. If you have a project that demands NO abrasive media, Ian’s Dustless Blasting’s HydroBlasting machinery can be a game-changer. The experts at Ian’s use a technique called Vapor Abrasive Blasting. Whether it’s about removing rust from metal or removing paint or contaminants from any surface, the vapor abrasive blasting technique mixes abrasive media, air, and water and eliminates around 92% of the airborne dust.


In addition, the blasting process doesn’t damage the restored or cleaned surface. There is no sign of warping after the process as vapor abrasive blasting heat or friction build-up is out of the frame. No harsh chemicals are used, and the abrasive media is silica-free. The material usage and cleanup are far less, as compared to traditional sandblasting, and the procedure doesn’t affect nearby workers. A spokesperson from Ian’s Dustless Blasting states: “We have removed decades old paint, rust, and corrosion from a Municipal Wastewater Treatment Clarifier and paint from roof coping and metal roofs on commercial buildings. Our industry reputation precedes our brand image, and when it comes to customer experiences, we believe in nothing less than sheer excellence."


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