To learn the CCNA Training Course in Surat, you should first find out how many days it will take you to learn it. In addition to the number of days, you should know about the benefits of CCNA Certification and the Eligibility Criteria. The next step is the pay scale of cisco certification courses. CCNA certification can increase your earning potential significantly. Here's a look at some of these benefits.

How many days will IT take to learn CCNA with IIHT Surat?

At IIHT Surat (Indian Institute of Hardware Technology), we provide two ways to prepare for the CCNA exam. You can choose accelerated CCNA Project Training in Surat, which requires as little as a week of study or opt for self-study, which takes longer. Both methods require time management and commitment. It would help if you aimed to complete the CCNA exam within three to four months. However, the essential aspect of the preparation process is to be organized and time-conscious.

Taking CCNA classes can be a great way to prepare for the exam; you can do a ccna free course with a certificate. But these courses offer step-by-step instruction on a broad range of CCNA topics.

Getting a high score on the lab exam will demonstrate to the recruiter that you are familiar with the theory and know-how to apply the knowledge in real-time devices.

Benefits of CCNA Certification

Having a CCNA Certification Course in Surat opens many doors for you in your career. The networking environment is rapidly evolving with the rise of cloud computing and software-defined networking, and these new technologies have created entirely new job responsibilities. As the IT industry grows, CCNA certification is an excellent investment.

Cisco is a global networking powerhouse, bringing innovations and making IT functions more convenient for businesses worldwide. Cisco has also developed a comprehensive internet travel platform. Cisco certification will result in a higher salary and more work options. Because of the industry's constant growth, CCNA certifications must remain competitive. Furthermore, by acquiring more elevated levels of certification in the future, you can rise to more sophisticated networking roles. For three years, the CCNA certification will be valid.

CCNA certification is highly beneficial for anyone seeking a career in networking. The exam is tough to pass, and preparation takes time and effort. It is essential to study the various modules before attempting the exam. Study materials can be purchased online or buy printed copies from the vendor. It's best to take a course with a qualified instructor to gain a solid foundation in the subject.

Eligibility Criteria

The course covers IPv6 addressing, routing, and subletting. There are multiple-choice and fill-in questions on the exam. 

The CCNA course aims to develop critical skills in candidates. A graduate of this training course can land a variety of job roles. Some of these are listed below. Datacenter network engineers are employed in data centers, and they design and manage computer networks, delivering valuable network services. They receive the CISCO certified design associate certification, an industry-specific designation. Security administrators develop security infrastructures for networking systems, identify vulnerabilities and threats, and develop solutions to combat these risks.

Higher Pay Scale

First, it is essential to remember that the pay scale for a CCNA engineer is typically lower than the national average. These boot camps will help you prepare for the test.

Once you've completed your CCNA training course with IIHT Surat (Indian Institute of Hardware Technology), you can pursue other CCNA certifications. CCNA certifications, like Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP), lead to higher salaries; as an entry-level network engineer, you may make up to $72,000. You can obtain the CCNP certification and earn up to $99,000 on average for more advanced skills.

Enhances Knowledge Horizons

  • A CCNA Training Course can significantly enhance the knowledge and skills of networking professionals. You'll be eligible to take the CCNA test once you've finished a CCNA training course.
  • Cisco provides networking certificates at several levels, from Associate to Professional. Professional-level certificates address specialized technologies and employment positions, while associate-level qualifications offer fundamental networking abilities.

Better Job Opportunities

You may be wondering where to seek your next career after completing your CCNA training course. While unpaid internships are tough to find cisco online courses, some small companies will give you a shot to show them what you can do. Video and Voice Engineer, Network Support Technician, and Data Center Associate are examples of these occupations.

After completing your CCNA training course, you'll have an excellent chance to enter various networking jobs. You can expect to find regular employment once you have completed your certification, including network administrator, network engineer, and network support engineer. Depending on what you're interested in, you can also specialize in a field like a network security or senior network engineer. After earning your certification, you can pursue a variety of networking occupations, including network admin.

Eligibility for Higher Certification Programs

It allows students to register for more advanced CISCO Certifications. The CCNA 200-301 exam must recertify, and the renewal fee is $300. The course has eight skill groups and 21 skill sets, and every expertise group has a level, and knowledge in a group improves.

CCNA certification is as essential in this field as learning alphabets and sentence structure. Moreover, it is the virtual portal to networking. A good CCNA Training in Surattransparently explains networking concepts and terminology. For people with a background in IT, the CCNA Course in Surat provides an easy path to a higher level of certification.


CCNA is the base test for other certifications, and it is recommended that you receive at least ten years of networking experience before taking the exam. At IIHT Surat (Indian Institute of Hardware Technology), we are an excellent choice for CCNA training in Surat, and it is a fast-paced training course with small class size. In India, we have several options of institutes that you can choose from - and you can even enroll in one of them according to your best suitable timing.

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