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Why Learn AWS?

Benefits Associated with Best AWS Certification Course for Beginners:

  1. Great Future Ahead :- According to recent research, more than 90% of companies use cloud services as of 2022, and this number has taken a substantial upward movement since the pandemic as the majority were operating on work from home basis. This shows how future-proof is, the field of cloud computing and how a professional can make a great career in it. Furthermore, 33% of the market share in cloud space is covered by Amazon Web Services, and for that reason, only companies prefer individuals who are AWS Certified to take care of their cloud services.
  2. A Paycheck that can exceed your Expectations:- A hefty paycheck every month is what you can expect after you have acquired a Certification for your AWS skills. As per some of the research reports, it is observed that, on average, a Certified AWS professional gets a 25% higher salary in comparison with the one who doesn’t possess certification for the skills they have. So, yes, we suppose you wouldn’t want to miss out on the certification, right?
  3. Expand Your Professional Network:- AWS certification increases a professional’s visibility. Joining the AWS Certified Global Community is among the top advantages of obtaining an AWS certification. Access to the AWS Certified LinkedIn Community and networking are available to certified professionals. You can find opportunities to widen your network in addition to building it within the community. Attending meetups, conferences, and other business gatherings becomes easier with AWS certification training. You can communicate with plenty of people and broaden your network as a result, which would not have been feasible otherwise.
  4. Better Network. More Work Opportunities:- As discussed earlier, with the help of AWS Certification, you can be a part of an exclusive community of Certified AWS Professionals, which can also open doors for you to freelance some of the projects with the support of the community members. An AWS Certification in your kitty would also act as a trust factor for your client, and your community can always help you to testify for your work.

IIHT Surat — Perfect Place to get started in AWS for Beginners:

Summing Up:

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