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The basement of your home can be the most active part of your home- whether you have children, a home office, or just a space to unwind, your space needs to endure its occupancy. This is the area where durable materials earn their salt and finding the right products with the right style is often easier said than done. We’re here to help- here’s our list of best basement trends for 2022.

Durability By Any Means



The flooring you choose for your basement is a decision that needs diligent research. The material that’s right for you is out there, but there’s variables that should be addressed before you start your search: will pets be in the basement? Will there be a lot of foot traffic? What style are you looking for? These are just a few questions to take into consideration, but we’ll keep our focus here.

Vinyl Flooring


Vinyl  has become the staple of affordable, dependable flooring. Most commercial spaces that have been renovated in the last 10 years likely incorporated vinyl flooring for its remarkable ability to endure foot traffic day after day. Vinyl is also scratch resistant, water resistant, and of course, cheap. The floorings’ popularity has gone parabolic in recent years, and with this popularity comes options that will work with anyone’s style. Not to be confused with laminate, vinyl uses a very straightforward tongue-and-groove system that makes it easy to remove in the event of a basement flood or if you decide on another option down the road. Check out our new showroom to see all our vinyl styles that fit your basement needs.

Tile Flooring


Tile flooring is a step above vinyl aesthetically with all the same functionalities. Porcelain is the main form tile comes in and is so durable that it’s the leading material used for outdoor gathering spaces. If it can weather tough storms, you’ll have no worries with drops, children or pets. The beauty of using tile in your basement is that it matures the space it’s in; it separates the room from the rest of the house in the best way and makes those who witness it feel like they’ve stumbled upon buried treasure.

Hardwood Flooring


Hardwood flooring is a timeless classic and is well known to be the most sought after flooring type for any style of home. Hardwood is a forgiving material to the constantly changing trends; with the help of some elbow grease, you can stain your hardwoods any color of your choosing and strip the color off if you change your mind down the road. Between this, countless types of lacquers, plank types and finishes, hardwood is perfect for those who have found their forever home.

Basement Features Trending Now

Wet Bar


If you’re tired of seeing your basement as a space lacking character, raise your glass to the idea of a wet bar. Bar carts are beautiful but they’re tailored to service smaller rooms like offices, whereas wet bars can capture the character and size of any basement perfectly. Wet bars at their core are open concept with beautiful finishes; two details that fit any look, color and vibe.



There’s a common saying that there’s a big difference between a house and a home, and the same goes for your basement. Adding a fireplace feature to your basement gives it the independence it needs as a space to become not just another room in your house, but a retreat you’ll want to spend most of your time in. Nothing’s more frustrating than having a large room without a nucleus. Furniture doesn’t flow the way you like and everything looks disorganized; a fireplace is perfect for the odd duck basements that need a focal centerpiece to give coordination to all your accessories. 

Basement Finishes Trending now



Built-in cabinetry is an effective solution for the cut and dry boring basements. It gives foundation to put molding, accent colors, additional décor, anything the space is currently lacking. It’s also, believe it or not, storage! But don’t think of this cabinetry as just extra space to hide away odds and ends, think of it the same as designing your kitchen. A good kitchen is never too large, but Built-ins can also serve a dual purpose as seating if your basement starts looking tight. However, you decide to embrace the idea, there’s ample opportunity to get creative.

Sliding Glass Doors


If your basement is accessible from outside, a sliding glass door can combine your home with nature seamlessly at your will. Glass doors make your basement feel twice as big and brings in all the natural light you could ask for, as well as all the colors of nature that surround your backyard. While inadvertent, glass doors can be the centerpiece of your basement, or accentuate the room even more so if you’ve already found your eye- catcher for the space. However, you decide to style your space, a glass door attracts your eye no matter what else fills the room.

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