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If you’re looking to expand or renovate and increase the value of your home, there’s no better space to enhance than the basement. You can create a kitchenbathroom, home theatre, mancave – or all the above! It all depends on how much time and money you want to invest in this project. Below are a few cool basement ideas for making your basement remodel completely functional and aesthetic!

Basement Kitchen

Having all the amenities just on the main floor of the home is a trend long gone as the idea of having a kitchen in the basement is gaining popularity. This is mainly because people are not using basements as underground storage spaces anymore. People have realized the potential of basements as a living space that enriches the lifestyle of the homeowner and adds value to their real estate. Adding a kitchen in your basement provides convenience also as it allows you to prepare and enjoy meals without having to go up to the main floor of the home. This is a convenience not only for the homeowner, but it is a feature that will appeal to future buyers if they should choose to sale.

The amount of space you have in your basement and your budget are key factors to consider when determining the best basement kitchen layout and size for your basement. The first step is to have a basement kitchen idea ready and figure out where you want it located. Once you’ve figured out where you want this new addition, think about its setup and what kind of features would be useful for cooking down there (if any). You may decide on an island or peninsula that allows extra seating while also providing counter space for meals or snacks throughout the day. If storage isn’t an issue, then having built-in cabinets is ideal because they’ll help keep everything organized without taking up too much room!

Short on space? Why not consider a small kitchenette! Basement kitchenettes give you all the functions of a kitchen but on a smaller scale. It has the fundamental parts of a kitchen like countertop space, minor storage and a sink which still provides convenience but at a lower cost.

Basement Bar

If you’re looking to make your basement remodel really special, then setting up a basement bar is the way to go. With the right blend of creativity and initiative, any dreary basement can be turned into a bar that becomes the life of the party. The first thing that comes to mind when thinking of a basement bar idea is dark wood finishes and dim lighting—but it doesn’t have to be that way! You can easily create a modern basement bar with bright lights for illumination and light neutral walls to create an airy atmosphere. The only thing that matters is that you have all the right elements in place: wine glasses, cocktail shakers, liquor dispensers and libations. No matter your design style, there are endless possibilities that you can incorporate to create a unique design of your own. Your once neglected basement becomes a corner of vibrant activity, and you get to gather the envy of the neighbors. Don’t waste time by going out for a drink; bring the bar to your basement and let the celebrations begin.

Basement Bathroom

Whether you’re turning an unfinished basement into a fully functional area or simply updating your current space, installing a bathroom in the basement will be a vital addition to your remodel. A basement bathroom can help turn your lower level into one of the most desirable living spaces in your home which wouldn’t require pausing the film every time someone needs to run upstairs for a restroom break.

Aside from the practical considerations, bathroom ideas in a basement are also a chance to add style and even add luxury to your home. Because it’s off the main floors of your house, you can step outside the style constrictions of the rest of your decor. Whether you’re doing this on a budget or have some extra cash to spend, there are plenty of ways to design your basement bathroom so that it looks like luxury and feels like luxury! Oftentimes, the basement serves as a home’s guest suite, so why not add a high-end feature that’ll make your nearest and dearest feel like they’re at a posh hotel?

Basements bathrooms can tend to feel a bit cold and industrial thanks to their location so cozy it up a bit and make sure it feels comfortable and inviting by using warm colors, decorative tiling and wall treatments, and friendly temperature lighting. They also suffer from a lack of natural lighting which can feel a bit disconnected from the outside world so introducing links to the great outdoors where you can is essential. Wooden vanity units, natural stone elements and even greenery are all wonderful ways to connect a bathroom basement to nature. 

Basement Home Theater

Lastly, the best way to make your basement entirely majestic is by creating a basement home movie theater. After all, what could be more luxurious than being able to sit back and relax in your own personal movie theater? Remember that this is where people will come together—not just yourself and family members but also friends and other guests so take care when choosing furniture as well as decorations. Your goal should be making everyone feel comfortable while also showing off how much care went into designing this space specifically for entertainment purposes!

Create a brooding and dark environment for your home theater with a total blackout design. Paint the walls and ceiling a dark hue so that you are completely entranced in the movie at the front of the room. Of course, make sure that you add lights to a room that has a total blackout design. Adding popcorn containers, movie posters, and lights on the floor of the staircase can make you feel like you are entering an actual theater while maintaining safety.

You’ll need to do some research for basement home theater lighting ideas, best home theater system for basement and best projector for basement home theater. You can find plenty of information online about which brands are good, but you’ll also want to talk with experts at stores that sell these systems. They can help guide you through the process and make sure everything works properly when it’s installed.


If you’re looking for an entertaining place to hang out after work, the man cave is the place to be. It’s the best place to hang out for you, your family, and friends. There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this space as the cost of creating a man cave will vary depending on your individual needs and preferences. One of the most effective ways to lower your budget is to go with a design that includes elements you may already have. A large screen TV or projector, LED lighting, memorabilia and a ping pong table sounds like the perfect refuge for a busy working man. When it comes to ideas for the man cave basement, the sky’s the limit!

Basement Remodeling Cost

When it comes to the cost of basement remodel, there are several factors that will determine how much you’ll pay for the project. The size of your basement is one important consideration. If it’s large enough to have separate rooms, then the amount of work involved in turning it into a finished space will be greater than if you’re simply converting an area into additional living space. Larger basements may require adding more electrical outlets and wiring as well as plumbing fixtures such as sinks and toilets which can drive the cost.

Another factor in determining how much it would cost to remodel a basement is whether any modifications need to be made before starting construction. If you want to make changes later after finishing renovations, this can also affect costs because new materials would need purchasing again at that point in time when making updates down the road (and paying someone else!).

Hire a professional, create a game plan and design the dream basement for you without hiccups that can serve you and your family for years to come


You can make your basement more than just a place to store clutter. A basement renovation can be the perfect opportunity to add value to your home and create an entirely new living space that will increase the size of your home. A basement is also a great place to create an entertainment space. Whether you want to add a kitchen or theater room, we have everything you need for creating the perfect entertaining area in the comfort of your own home! The key is knowing what you want and going for it with a little professional help! We hope this article has given some helpful insight into how to make your basement the best basement home theater, basement bar or bathroom ever.   

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