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European Kitchens

You’ve probably noticed the trend of remodeling your kitchen in the style of European kitchens or European-inspired kitchens, and you might be wondering why so many people are doing it. What makes remodeling your kitchen and bathroom in a European style so desirable?

We’ll tell you about some of the different kinds of European kitchen designs you can get, as well as some things to keep in mind when going through this process. By the end, you should have all the information you need to begin remodeling your kitchen in the style of European kitchens!


The Different Types of European Kitchens

Luxurious Contemporary KitchenLuxurious Contemporary Kitchen idea for your kitchen renovation project

European kitchens come in different styles, from the modern and sleek to the elegant and traditional. The types of European kitchens are German kitchens, Spanish kitchens, and Italian kitchens, these are the most popular.

German kitchens are known for their minimalism, durability and efficiency. German kitchens cabinets are focused on modular design emphasizing functionality and reliability, precise measurements and fit. They are built with the intention to last a long time and be able to prove sufficient storage space for all your kitchen needs.

Spanish kitchens cabinets in the other hand can be very homey with a transitional design. There is more focus in visuals, with beautiful tile designs and in certain part of spain they use traditional cabinets, Spanish kitchens are made to feel warm and welcoming. Spanish kitchens are also recognized for their beautiful wood details that show up in their furniture and cabinets, they are known for their old world charm and architectural details and classic interior design element, warm rich details dark wood cabinets combined with painted tile work sometime they are referred to as spanish revival kitchens.

Italian Kitchen cabinets and design are known for their beauty, confort, unique features and high end esthetics. Italian kitchen design typically highlights rustic and warm style, for the kitchen flooring material it ranges from terracotta to natural stone. The italians are known for the best looking marble for countertops, backsplash and on the flooring. Kitchen design focuses on certain color pallets such as oranges golds and yellows mixed with natural wood. The backsplash is often tiled with a unique pattern and design. Latey they have been applying large porcelain formats tiles that pops any kitchen..


Why You Should Remodel Your Kitchen in a European Style

European Kitchens

European kitchen designs are beautiful if you are thinking of remodeling your home.  Europe’s kitchens have evolved into modern, sleek and seamless spaces that are designed for open floor layouts and have cabinet styles that have frameless cabinets with European kitchens or German kitchens.

These refined, polished cabinets look amazing when contrasted with the dark tones of the countertops. German cabinets have an engineered modular design that gives them durability, they also come in an influx of shades and colors to choose from.

The style of European kitchen design is different from traditional American-style kitchens and would look wonderful in most any modern space! Most homes have a large kitchen, so remodeling it to a European style can add value to your home by giving it an update with a timeless look.

The European style remodeling can even be extended into the bathroom, providing a clean look to an ordinary bathroom. European bathrooms with frameless cabinet vanities, you will be able to amplify storage capacity and German cabinets are perfect for custom organizers for you to be able to store all your toiletries and hair styling products.

We work with vendors like Hardware Resources that provide amazing organizers for all your bathroom and kitchen dreams.


The Benefits of a European Kitchen

European Kitchens

Europeans are famous for their exquisite kitchens and interiors, but if you think that this style of design is too elegant or expensive for your home, you’re missing out on the many benefits of European kitchens. Let’s start by examining the cabinets.

European kitchen cabinet doors typically have a smooth, full-overlay design. This shows that the cabinet frame is hidden behind the overlay door, where it is unseen. To achieve a modern, sleek appearance, hinges are also concealed from view on the inside of the cabinet. For greater functionality, soft-close hinges are common in European kitchens.

Most European kitchens will use simple metal designs or sleek, unobtrusive hardware on the exterior of the cabinetry. Less is more in terms of design. Crown moulding, carvings, and raised panel door designs are examples of excessive ornamentation that is avoided in European kitchens.

Instead, the relatively flat and smooth surfaces of European kitchen cabinets might give the impression that a smaller kitchen is larger. This all leads to the largest benefit, which is achieving an ultra-sophisticated image.

The quality of German cabinets is unlike any other, since German cabinets are custom engineered, they already come pre-assembled and customized for each kitchen. They are built with thick cross panels and a thin flex back that makes their engineering stand out against English competitors. German cabinets are larger and sleeker than American or traditional cabinets, which provides more space for storage.


How to Choose the Right European Kitchen for Your Home

Superb Contemporary Kitchen

Superb Contemporary Kitchen idea for your house renovation project

It’s important to choose the right European kitchen for your home. There are many styles of European kitchens from German kitchens, Spanish kitchens, and Italian kitchens. The style of European kitchen you choose should reflect your lifestyle, the size of your space, and whether you have any children or pets.

When you remodel your kitchen with an European style there are many benefits including open floor layout, clean lines, lazy susan, frameless cabinets, and guaranteed durability with the engineering of German cabinets. If you’re looking for a family-oriented, welcoming traditional design then Spanish style kitchens are for you. German kitchen styles are for those who prefer functionality and contemporary designs.

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