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Engineered Flooring

Homeowners all over Georgia spent 2022 making their houses into homes by doing remodels wherever they could, but these remodels can get costly if you know you want a change but can’t decide where. “Flooring near me” was the most popular search of all home remodeling topics all year for a reason. It’s a change you can see in every room of your house and almost always costs less than a new kitchen or bathroom. Engineered hardwood flooring boomed in 2022, a trend we fully expect to continue into 2023 and trend upward for a long time, giving you assurance that your purchase now will reap rewards when you’re ready to turn over the keys in the future.

Engineered hardwood is made up of a real wood veneer on top of several layers of medium to high-density fiberboard or plywood on the bottom. This construction is measured in millimeters and has a direct correlation to walking comfortability, as a thicker plank can better support pressure applied to it, as well as better absorbing sound. Another measurement included in engineered hardwood is the mil value, which is the thickness of the uppermost wear layer. Increasing this thickness adds to the flooring’s durability and overall longevity. With the combination of a natural hardwood look and durability, engineered hardwood flooring can give your home a timeless look that actually lasts a lifetime. Now that you’ve been acquainted, let’s jump into our top engineered flooring trends for 2023.


Whitewashed Oak flooring

Engineered Flooring

Verdict is out for 2023 hardwood trends; light colors are definitely in, with white oaks are far and above the favorites among our clients. The whitewashed flooring look has been on a fire trend recently and doesn’t look like it will be going away any time soon. Most associated with oak flooring, the blanketing color gives a beachy feel without making your home look nautical. Picture your dream beach vacation house, with the outside and inside seamlessly transforming into one, and the ambient sense of calmness and serenity in the air. Ok, open your eyes now. You can have that feel in your current home for a fraction of what it costs to move to Tybee Island. Whitewashed flooring are great for accent color furniture and decor, letting you keep a consistent color scheme through your main furniture, walls, and floors, while leaving the door open for your pieces that pop. Oak is a typical suitor for this color choice as the rings and grain of the wood fit the vibe the color emits. The natural wavelength pattern that runs through the wood emulates the waves on the shore of the oceanfront feel this flooring remodel would give your home.


Dark Maple

Engineered Flooring

Maple wood is a sleek and smooth wood, not having many knots nor having natural weathering or divots. Perfect for those who love a modern look or want their floors like they just got them done every day. Maple naturally doesn’t exaggerate the tree rings or grain which means planks have a buttery smooth look that catches light beautifully and makes its surroundings lustrous by association. Applying a stain to maple hardwood can be very difficult as it has a tight grain structure. This is a problem that vanishes when choosing engineered hardwood. In addition to this, engineered maple stands up to pets, children, and day-to-day foot traffic better than solid wood with its uppermost wear layer. Planks can be up to 6 feet, making spaces feel bigger and hallways looking like runways.


Dark Hickory

Engineered Flooring

For what we’ve said about maple, completely remove it from your mind when reading about hickory. Hickory is more tailored to the rustic taste, with pock marks, knots and grain patterns being its specialty. No one style is better than another, with the variance of these two options being evidenced. Hickory also takes to stain differently than other woods, resulting in a spectrum of contrast from one side of a plank to another, adding more character to the already long list this wood provides. Dark hickory is a perfect option for white kitchens, giving a unique contrast that makes your floors seen while letting your cabinets attract the eye.  Installation for these engineered floors is incredibly easy for installers, giving the ability to install over concrete, wood, vinyl floors, and radiant heat systems.


Light Oak

Engineered Flooring

Oak is a very traditional flooring, coming in a multitude of warm colors that make a space feel cozy and lived in. Oak is a bright wood and riddled with original characteristics of the tree it came from. Having oak floors suits the homeowners that love their furniture and want it to be the talking point of a room, or the ‘farmhouse style’ of monotone walls and simple color palettes. These floors allow you to keep your color palette how you want it while adding flair in a place that can’t be ignored. Oak floors are commonly fumed, a process that accelerates aging in the wood to emphasize and accentuate its dark features rather than staining. Some flooring types are unique and may offer the detail you want on any given plank but look odd when outfitted together in a room. This is not the case for oak. The slight variations between plank colors and the simple palette it employs makes the connections between the tongue and grooves flooring very pleasant to look at.


Engineered hardwoods are a great choice for those who want an investment in the beauty, value, and longevity of their home. In the current real estate market, buyers are looking for move-in ready homes that require little renovation or changing. Finding an engineered flooring that suits your home will not only give you everyday satisfaction, but also adds property value putting in quality material that will last with your home in the long run both in durability and style. InDesign has engineered flooring options that expand well beyond this list and that will surely cater to any style of home out there. With the recent advancements in engineered hardwood, our installers can give you the look you’ve been dreaming of in no time at all. Give us a call or stop by today to see how close your look is to becoming reality.

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