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Choosing a new sink can be a very exciting but daunting adventure. There are so many choices available that finding the right one can feel like finding a needle in a haystack. InDesign saw this problem amongst our customers and decided to gather a select group of sink brands to do business with based on the craftsmanship, rarity, and relevance we feel their products possess. Here we’ll discuss considerations we think are important to keep in mind before choosing a new sink, as well as features that we love about our vendors.


What to consider?

1. Get measurements. Measure the length, width, and height of your available sink area to see what you’re able to work with.

2. Figure out your style and material. We have access to top mount, undermount, double basin, single basin, farmhouse, drainboard, prep sink, virtually any style available. Our brands also offer sinks in popular materials like stainless steel, fireclay, porcelain, and cast iron.

3. Assess your countertop and decide if you want a lip on your sink or if you want an undermounted bowl. Some kitchens need the extra countertop space on their island or main countertop and can’t afford to lose it to a sink lip.


Which brand is best for my kitchen sink?

While our brands do offer the best of traditional options for different types of sinks, they’re far from typical in terms of style and material. Thompson Traders has many types of styles that work with any kitchen. They include colors like aged copper, semi-satin brass, nickel, and matte black. They also have a “tailor-made” category, letting you design a sink of any size, dimension, or shape and they bring it to life in a finish you love.

Bocchi is another select brand InDesign carries, with sink styles and colors that are incredibly popular with our Alpharetta customers. Fireclay sinks are their most popular as of late, a material that is 100% organic and recycled material used by the best craftsmen for centuries. Fireclay is melded and hardened under 2000°F temperatures, creating the most durable material used in today’s kitchens. Dealing with extreme heat coming from pots and pans is no problem at all. Due to their special glaze coating fused into the fireclay body, these sinks are non-porous with a uniform, scratch, and stain resistant surface. Bocchi also makes granite sinks crafted in Italy that are anti-bacterial, odor neutralizing, as well as impact and scratch proof. Our Johns creek showroom has an assortment of different sinks that we dubbed the “Alpharetta Collection”, a display highlighting all of the different finishes and sizes customers in our area have been raving about.


Island sinks

Island sinks are gaining popularity quickly in southern homes. Typically used as for prep or aesthetic, island sinks often have a filtration system to get access to cleaner water for washing vegetables or freshening up before dinner, letting your main kitchen sink be an active workstation during cooking. Because of this, trends for what sinks styles to choose tend to differ with islands. Our customers are infatuated with Thompson Trader sinks, as the ornate finishes they come in give a vibrant pop of color to any kitchen. Aged copper and satin brass are among the many red-hot finishes currently. These look like stolen artifacts from different eras, and they present all the charm and glamour you’d expect in your home.


Bathroom Sinks

Bathroom sink styles differ slightly from kitchens and elsewhere. Most prefer an undermount sink with a smaller bowl, however everyone’s style is different, and going with a lipped bathroom sink is certainly not out of the ordinary. Thompson Traders bathroom sinks collection includes freestanding and vessel mount sinks, meaning both the inside and outside of the bowl are intended to be seen and decorated. If you love bold styles that will make a statement in your bathroom, these sinks are for you. You won’t find a mixture of look, finish, and quality anywhere else on the market. If you prefer a more traditional looking sink in your bathroom, then Bocchi has options tailored more towards your style. Bocchi bathroom sinks still have pedestal and vessel styles as well as their undermount options, and the fireclay material looks like porcelain. These sinks show flair with alluring lines and rounded edges rather than color or shape.


Bar sinks

A bar sink can be the most ornate object in your home as well as the most utilitarian. Fortunately, we have options for both. Large sinks are not commonly used for bars, as their typical purpose is to solely provide a station to cut, mix and get messy. Average width for sinks in this category is around 15?. Bocchi has workstations sinks with interior edges to let a cutting board sit firmly over the sink while you work. There is a colander option too, if you’re ever bartender for the night and need a place to keep rinsed garnishes like limes or fruit wedges.

Many of our Alpharetta Collection options for bar sinks are sinks with a lipped edge. This detailing catches eyes of customers when they see it displayed, as the skirt gives a glimpse of the gorgeous finish your sink possesses and complementing countertops well.


For anyone looking to replace their sink, we hope that this article has helped you figure out what type of sink is best for your kitchenbathroom, or bar area. These sinks are trending higher as of late, and it’s no secret as to why. They’re handcrafted, look beautiful, and last longer than store-bought brands. There are so many choices available today, it can seem overwhelming when trying to decide what would work best in your bathroom or kitchen. We want our customers to know that we are here to help them find the perfect piece at an affordable price! Come see us at any of our InDesign showroom locations to get quality service for all your remodeling needs.

Contact us or stop by today to see how close your look is to becoming reality. We service Alpharetta and all surrounding areas: Johns Creek, Atlanta, Buckhead, Cumming, Duluth, Dunwoody, Kennesaw, Marietta, Milton, Norcross, Roswell, Sandy Springs, Smyrna, Suwanee, Vinings and more!

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