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A master bathroom remodel can be a big project, and knowing where to start can be difficult for homeowners. You need to know what materials you’ll need to complete it and where to start making changes. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the common materials that come into play when remodeling a master bathroom, and where the most common changes occur in a master bathroom. There are several factors that will determine what materials you need for your remodel. The first is the condition of your bathroom. If it’s outdated, or if there are parts of it that need to be replaced, then those are some of the materials that will be necessary for this project.


To start, you’ll want to plan for ample storage.

If you can, have a plan that allows space to add a linen closet. It’s always a good idea to have one in your master bathroom. A place to store extra toiletries and towels assures you won’t have an awkward trip down the hall to find what you realized is out of stock too late. Medicine cabinets also provide a good amount of storage in lieu of having to bend down and dig through a lower cabinet. The mirror is very useful and gives another angle to help you with tasks like shaving or putting on makeup. Vanities are another versatile bathroom fixture that can be both stylish and offer ample space to put bathroom accessories.


Pay attention to plumbing

When doing any remodeling in your bathroom, the task of changing the plumbing is one that often comes up. Especially in older homes, there can be buildup in pipes that restrict waterflow or drainage. You also need to consider plumbing fixtures when planning a renovation. Faucets and fixtures are a good place to start in a master bath, followed by shower drainage opening up the possibility for new design trends like a curbless shower or wet room. All new porcelain in terms of your sink or toilet can give a cleaner look to your bathroom as well. InDesign has a team of plumbers that take away the stress of wondering what hidden problems your plumbing has and make a renovation seamlessly easy.


Bathroom Vanity

A good bathroom vanity is a big part of a beautiful master bath. Floating vanities are very hot in 2023, with open-shelved vanities being a close second, offering more storage as well. Vanity countertops should be considered too, with popular options being quartz, soft marble, and sinks with large basins. Stock vanities are common and provided by big name stores, whereas luxury vanities will be more flexible with the overall style of your bathroom and look great.



When it comes to changing your master bath flooring, you have options. Tile is a good choice for bathrooms because it’s durable, easy to clean, and can have a ton of detail. Porcelain tile is the most popular choice for remodeling projects, having the best qualities in terms of water resistance, cleanliness, and price. LVP is another popular choice for bathroom flooring, being waterproof and easy to install. LVP can have a faux tile or wood look depending on what you think will look better in your bathroom. LVP is very affordable and can impersonate wood or tile very effectively, which is why it’s a very common material in newer homes for both bathrooms and other spaces.


Tubs or shower enclosures (bathtubs)

A freestanding bathtub is a showstopper in any bathroom. These can be installed separate from the shower, or you can combine the two and have a statement piece that you get use out of every day. The hottest bathtub materials among our customers in the Alpharetta area are:

  • Stainless steel. This is a great choice for those who want to create an industrial and luxurious look in their bathroom. The tub is made of metal and can include brass look detailing. These tubs are handcrafted and sure to make your bathroom pop.
  • Copper. This tub has a full copper look with rose gold interior and beautiful gold claw feet. You’ll feel like you got transported back to the 12th century when you take a bath in this tub. The copper gives off a warm glow and is highly polished to give it the perfect look for your bathroom. This tub is perfect for those who want to create an old-world feel in their bathroom.


Renovating your shower means you have the opportunity to upgrade your shower curtain to an encasing glass. Glass shower doors accentuate a bathroom and can make the room seem larger. Shower tile is a material that is often outdated in older homes and a target for renovations in most of our Alpharetta jobs. Mold-guard drywall or installation systems such as Schluter products are required to be put behind new shower tile. Fortunately for installers, these systems are relatively easy to install and account for features like niches that most homeowners would like to install in a renovation. A common trend is having a mosaic strip of tile line the center of your shower wall, into a niche, connecting into and covering the shower floor. InDesign has two showrooms in the Alpharetta area where you can shop countless collections of mosaic tile for your bathroom renovation.


Once you know what materials you need, it’s time to start shopping. You can find these items at any InDesign location and have a team of designers ready to assist you in tackling your renovation. We also offer free consultations and full remodeling services, leaving you with the just the thrill of finally getting the master bathroom of your dreams. Give us a call or stop by to see how we can help you today.

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