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The great desire to achieve self-actualization burns in each of us! However, some of us make mistakes in a quest to achieve incredible muscle size, symmetry, and balance. Nicknamed "The Gift," as he is commonly referred to by many, Phil Heath is a force to reckon with when it comes to thriving in the bodybuilding career. It is a good thing that his name now pops up when discussions about important figures such as Arnold Schwarzenegger pop up. Part of his secrets is developing a good understanding of Steroid cycles still early in his career development.

A close focus

Chris Williamson, a renowned podcast host, was privileged to interview Heath in August this year. He decided to take advantage of his podcast to educate the general public, and it was a good shot considering the main guest was Heath. His questions mostly centered around asking Heath to share his views regarding the use of performance-enhancing drugs (PED) in the course of his stellar bodybuilding career. 

The questioning session

As expected, Heath did not mess up the trick! He seemingly synthesized the questions carefully before finally providing his answers, and that is why most people were able to benefit. The program host was direct with his questions, wanting Heath to come out clearly in explaining his fears and anxieties in trying out the different steroids. He found none of the questions intimidating, and that was easy to tell considering his aura while answering all the questions asked in the long session. He started by admitting that he was proud to be part of what he referred to as a competitive bodybuilding career. He wanted the host as well as all of those persons listening to him to understand his journey clearly. He outlined that worries almost destroyed him psychologically even though he was determined to achieve great outcomes. Most people in his shoes never looked at the whole thing from a wider context of meaning or in terms of the long-term usage effects. He believed that it was the exact point they missed out on.

On his part, he focused on the future. He wanted to understand the Steroid cycles well before and what they meant for him in the long run. Heath believes the worries provided good guidance to him even though they came with great discomfort. He looks back with great pride at the fact that he took fewer steroids as compared to his fellow competitors. Heath doesn't shy away in outlining that his lack of finances at the time had also given him a significant boost that led to him consuming pretty little when it came to the use of drugs. Source to knowing about the study drugs.


Heath shocked most people when he opened up that he was willing to unveil his blood work records as a confirmation to back up his assertions. He said he would either do this for money or provide it on his podcast in the future.  Heath insists that bodybuilders need to be more careful because mindless choices could reduce their longevity. He insisted that no one needs to take drugs too soon in their careers because it could even end up frustrating them career-wise.

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