According to Pediatric Orthodontists Near Me, Contrary to popular belief, straightening teeth with an expander or braces at a young age to address crowding without another orthodontic issue is not advantageous and may even have negative repercussions. In the absence of a crossbite, using expanders is essentially useless because the upper jaw will eventually shrink back to its previous size. Clinical research has shown this to be true in numerous instances.


Mild to moderate overbite


The advantages of early orthodontic treatment to correct an overbite that is mild to moderate are, at best, debatable. According to Kids Orthodontist Near Me and extensive systematic reviews, early orthodontic treatment has little to no benefit to rectifying an enlarged overbite. Therefore, early orthodontic treatment should be avoided in these situations unless there is a trauma risk or breathing issues present.




What would dentists indicate for early treatment?


Most kids wouldn't benefit from early orthodontic treatment (7-8 years old). However, there are several indications for early orthodontic treatment, most of which include bite issues:


  • Earlier crossbites (one or more upper front teeth biting behind the lower front teeth)


  • Two. Lateral crossbites (one or more back teeth biting inside the lower back teeth)


  • Unusual oral behavior (thumb sucking)


  • Underbite (lower jaw outgrowing the upper jaw)


  • Deep traumatic overbite (lower front teeth pushing into mouth's roof, causing discomfort and tissue damage)


  • A severe overbite increases the risk of damage to the front teeth.


  • Significant jaw underdevelopment leading to breathing issues


  • Impaction, or failure of permanent incisors or molars to erupt.


What is the correct age to begin orthodontic treatment? 


The most significant query is possibly this one. Visiting a Children's Orthodontist and starting orthodontic treatment on time reduces overall treatment time while increasing the likelihood of success. Also, a kid's age is not a reliable indicator of when to begin orthodontic treatment because dental development varies greatly across various ages. 



The best strategy is to conduct a thorough evaluation around age seven and continue visiting the Best Pediatric Dentists Near Me regularly until it is ready to begin treatment. The greatest method for choosing the ideal period for your child's orthodontic treatment is as described above. At age 7, dentists provide free orthodontic assessments to all our patients.


There is additional information on this topic here. Call us immediately for the greatest results for your child, or schedule your child's orthodontic evaluation online. Dentists will be glad to guide you through the procedure.


Why do dentists recommend dental expanders for children? 


Palatal expanders can also widen the upper jaw. Expanders are incredibly useful and practical in appropriate circumstances (underdeveloped jaw and crossbite). But if there isn't a crossbite, expanders are less helpful in treating dental crowding. When this occurs, a few months after the end of the treatment, the enlargement is virtually entirely erased.




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