Wearing braces will last longer for you than it did for your friends in middle and high school. Unfortunately, the typical length of treatment for adults is two years, and the length of time depends on how well your teeth are doing. Although you should be ready for a longer course of therapy, the outcomes will be worthwhile.  

Age-Related Bone Structures


While more varieties of dentist braces near me are available to adults, you must consider age-related factors before getting braces. The amount of time you will require braces, your bone structure and bone loss should all be taken into account by you and your dentist. Unlike a child, the bones in an adult's mouth have finished developing. You may have a structural problem that only surgery can fix. Before considering braces, your miami orthodontist specialist should check for bone loss. Another issue with braces could be bone loss brought on by gum disease.


Issues with Tooth Extraction


It can be challenging for your south miami orthodontist to treat adults who have had one or more teeth removed in the past. These areas are not ideal for teeth to be pushed into with braces unless they are repaired. Since adult bone does not respond to pressure the same way as growing bone, closing gaps left by extractions can be challenging.




Appliance Positioning


Many adult orthodontic devices, including lingual braces, use dental cement to adhere to your teeth. Because of the adhesive on your teeth, you must practice strict oral hygiene throughout the process to see the drastic changes in your teeth through adult braces before and after pics.


Psychosocial Factors


It's also beneficial to consider the psychosocial aspects that affect both post-treatment and treatment. Adults who are considering braces must consider several psychological and social factors. You can be anxious about ideal outcomes, worried about how they will look, and doubtful of the decisions of your orthodontist in miami at every stage of the procedure, as well as the price of the process. 


Before committing to braces, especially as an adult, it's common to have concerns or questions. Remember that your Adult Orthodontics Miami can respond to your inquiries and offer reassuring advice on maintaining good oral health as you travel.


Root Resorption


Root resorption can occur during orthodontic treatment, which is one of the hazards. The steady loss of tooth structure, known as root resorption, reduces the tooth's support. A dentist cannot treat root resorption because it is a permanent condition. Genetics, tooth and bone morphology, chewing pressures, and particular health issues are only a few of the many variables that raise the risk for resorption. 




The force used to move your teeth, the direction they will move, the kind of appliances utilized, the length of time it takes to complete treatment, and the techniques used are all factors related to orthodontics. Before beginning orthodontic treatment, your orthodontist will thoroughly inspect your teeth to see whether they can experience root resorption.




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