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Dramacool is one of the best solution to watch series of all Asian dramas and movies full HD. This is the place to watch drama online for free with English subtitles, updated daily. If you are looking for a place to see the latest and hottest drama series and movies, Drama Cool is just the ideal place for you. 
Address: 2563 Johnny Ln, Bellevue, WI 54311, USA 
Hashtag: #dramacool #dramacool1 #kdramaengsub #chinesedrama #koreandrama #watchkdramaengsub #dramacoolchinesedrama #dramacoolkoreandrama
  • What is Dramacool?
  1. This is the website where you can find content related to Korean Web series, drama, anime, and other stuffs.
  • Pros
  1. They are providing all free content and not charging like single a penny.
  2. They have humongous size of content.
  • Cons
  1. These sites are having hidden virus and malware that can harm your system.
  2. They can steal your private data from your system.
  3. They can also steal your money through cyber attacks.
  4. There are many ads showing on these sites and if you click on it it may open adult or sexual pages.
  5. Conclusions website does not have popup ads.

Lot of people use these sites , who cannot afford the subscription of premium websites like Neflix , HULU , HBO , Showtime which provide original content for a monthly premium. Then there are also Amazon prime , Sony liv , Zee5 , Voot etc in India. It can become hard and expensive to get all these for the original content and not many people can afford it.

That’s why people turn to pirated sites. Telegram is also huge nowadays with lot of pirated content and don’t forget the torrent. But I have seen that people who watch pirated content for years can develop genuine interest and move to premium subscriptions when they are financially capable. As no one wants to keep closing the spammy popups while watching your favorite shows and movies. Well for me dramacool has been great so far. No ads, no interruptions, it has subtitles and all the kdramas I want even if it doesn’t have them I can request them. Now I have heard ppl say that they have been getting but I haven’t bc I have been using an ad blocker, so maybe it’s my ad blocker or just that it doesn’t have any? But yes dramacool is 100% safe!


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