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The classification of san go cong nghiep gia re DREAM FLOOR O169  indicates the number of knots and the pattern of the grain. As a general rule of thumb,  for carefully selected DREAM FLOOR laminate floors  , with virtually no defects in the plank,  DREAM FLOOR  allows for knots, unevenness and fillings. Of course, there are differences specific to the types of wood grain, which means a variety of grain surfaces. The wide selection of wood grain ensures everyone with different preferences to choose from, to suit every specific need and purpose. DREAM FLOOR carefully selected, evenly colored and almost different wood grain in each type. The type of wood floor that allows for full pins, a natural reflective pattern for walnut, i.e. the pattern caused by the wood's main rays and the variation in color caused by the grain pattern. lifelike design. Classic level is a natural look range where the natural grain of the wood, color variation and individual darkening of knots are clearly visible. The classic type allows for natural knots of the size and number of small knots to be designed on the surface layer of the parquet. Small groups of knots, called cat paws, are also allowed in the classic type, as are filled knots. According to its name, rustic is a variety with many rough buttons. 

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Mild oxidation and small dents in the filling are allowed. Even cracks are added to the surface of the wood grain, making it look like a sawn wood plank in nature. A layer with an old and authentic look, there are many different shades. The wood grain is carefully selected, calm and generally evenly colored. Permitted designs include natural color variations caused by the grain pattern as well as brightly colored pin buckles. The classic type is one with a natural look, where the natural grain of the wood, color variation and individual darkening the knots are clearly visible. In the classic class, fillings are allowed. The classic grade is manufactured with white surface treatment. The olive wood grain is named after the dark heartwood. Flooring can vary greatly in appearance and some flooring has no dark heartwood. Wood eyelets and knot groups as well as full knots are also added on the flooring.

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