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Product code of san go cong nghiep INDO-OR ID8076 High quality material with green core. is an industrial wood material widely used in the field of furniture production. The main ingredient of this type of board is wood pulp with a small amount of adhesive. Boards are distinguished from particle boards in their high wood pulp density and surface smoothness. HDF board is currently being evaluated as the most durable material in industrial boards. Widely used for many different purposes, HDF wood panels have many outstanding features compared to other types of chipboard to meet the high use requirements of many items. The point that is easy to identify HDF wood reinforcement compared to other types is in the surface. The surface of the board is smooth and smooth, with almost no wood chips left. The smooth surface makes the board easily compatible with decorative coatings on the surface. The compressive density of the wood core is extremely high. The average compression of the HDF core is from 800kg/m3 to 900kg/m3, twice as much as that of MDF boards, only about 450kg/m3. Thanks to the high compression, this type of board has very high strength, good bearing capacity. Hard to deform when subjected to strong impact force. According to objective assessment, HDF wood board is also more resistant to water than low density chipboard. 
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INDO-OR ID8076 Walnut wood grain is the pattern lines formed from the grain and sapwood. When it is no longer responsible for transporting minerals to the Walnut tree, the grain on the core wood will become harder and darker. The color difference between adjacent layers of wood grain creates the shape of the Walnut wood grain. Aluminum oxide is heat resistant and very hard and can even be used as a substitute for diamond or as an abrasive in sandpaper. Its hardness is what makes it great as a perfect floor finish as it can withstand strong, sharp impacts without wear and tear. It is used as a protective layer for all softer floors, including other laminates and laminates. This protective layer of aluminum oxide provides long-term floor protection and does not require frequent re-maintenance like other coatings.

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