Hansol 9919 san go cong nghiep is agood and safe choice for both your home and the environment. Our products meet all the requirements set forth by the directives and they have been ranked among the best emissions and building materials adhesives. There is nothing by chance regarding the safety of our products. Hansol Laminate Floor 9919 produced in a fully woodworking factory In addition to clean breathing air, we also care about the environment. The timber we use comes from certified forests, where the number of trees planted exceeds the amount cut. To ensure sustainable development, we absolutely do not use exotic wood species. We follow eco-friendly thinking at our factory. 


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For example, we do not use endangered species of wood, on the contrary we specialize in color treatments that allow us to provide our customers with color surfaces that look like exotic on our certified raw materials. In addition, we also recycle all waste and by-products from the manufacturing process.  Hansol 9919 laminate flooring  has many interesting wood grains and colors that surprise customers because this shape and color has never been seen or known in natural wood planks. Because of that,  Hansol 9919 Laminate Flooring makes customers' homes different from other types of wood.
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