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Ideal solution for modern living space - INDO-OR ID1296 san go cong nghiep INDO-OR ID1296 laminate flooring is one of the high quality products of the INDO-OR brand, produced on industrial lines. Modern technology and international quality standards. With sophisticated design, diverse colors and high durability, INDO-OR ID1296 wooden flooring is the ideal solution for modern living spaces. With the development of technology, laminate flooring has become one of the popular choices for flooring in apartments, houses, offices and commercial areas. Different from natural wood floors, industrial wood floors INDO-OR ID1296

Manufactured from artificial materials such as HDF, MDF or pressed wood pulp combined with scratch-resistant, waterproof and fire-resistant surface coating, making the product highly durable and easy to clean.
INDO-OR ID1296 laminate flooring comes in many different colors and designs, suitable for all interior design styles. From bright white, dark gray to natural wood color, the product can create a modern, luxurious and cozy living space.

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The highlight of INDO-OR ID1296 laminate flooring is its high durability and good stability, not warping or deforming when exposed to water. The product is also scratch and abrasion resistant, helping to protect floors from scratches and damage caused by daily use.
In addition, INDO-OR ID1296 laminate flooring is also fire resistant, ensuring safety for users in case of fire. The product is also easy to install and dismantle, helping to save time and costs during the construction process.
With outstanding advantages and guaranteed quality, INDO-OR ID1296 laminate flooring is the top choice for construction projects, meeting customer needs for a modern, comfortable and convenient living space. safe. Come to Wood Floor Warehouseto experience this high quality product and enjoy a comfortable and classy living space.
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