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AWood SD120x20 Coffee wood flooring is one of the most popular high-end san go ngoai troi products today. With outstanding quality and luxurious design, this product has become the top choice for construction and interior projects.

Regarding technical characteristics, AWood SD120x20 Coffee wooden floor has dimensions of 120x20mm, 12mm thick, and is made from high quality natural wood. This product is highly durable, termite resistant, impact resistant, and has good bearing capacity, helping your living space become sustainable and beautiful for a long time. AWood SD120x20 Coffee
wooden floor also has beautiful and unique colors, making the space more impressive. The coffee color of this product creates warmth and intimacy, making your living space friendly and inspiring.
(Price may change depending on time)
In addition, this product is also designed with good soundproofing and heat insulation, making your living space quieter and retaining heat better. This also helps save energy and reduce costs for your family.
With the above advantages, AWood SD120x20 Coffee outdoor wooden flooring is a great choice for construction and interior projects. This product meets standards for quality and durability, making your living space more beautiful and sustainable. Please contact us immediately for advice and to order this product!
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